Why Justin Trudeau Has Not Said A Single GOOD WORD About English Canada

Why is it that since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister he has yet to say a single positive thing about English Canada, and/or its Anglophone inhabitants?

How do we know this to be the truth? Easy, really–because within his entire four-year term. Trudeau has not referenced, or commented upon English Canada period.

Why not? What would be the political purpose of ignoring, shunning and marginalizing the twenty-five odd million Anglophones citizens of Canada?  Is it not standard behaviour for a PM to speak in positive terms about Canada’s largest identifiable community?

How about a shout-out for Italian-Canadians, Irish Canadians, or another European-derived Canadian community? A reference to past-prime ministers of the Anglophone variety?

Never-not once has King Justin even alluded to the existence of Anglophone or Christian Canada. On the flip-side the man is all but obsessed with Sikhism, Islam and the rest of Third World Canada. Why the exclusive behaviour in this regard? Isn’t this certain to create resentment and animosity in terms of inter-community harmony? Why then would Justin take this approach?

CAP will respond: Because the Liberal-Globalist agenda PM Trudeau advances is anti-Anglophone. Simple as that. And once again–as always occurs when a Trudeau is involved–the situation gets even worse.

It is, in fact, an inaccuracy to say Trudeau has not referenced “Old Stock” Canada. He has–but never by way of directly referencing the community by name.

Why? CAP has a theory: When a community is being oppressed by a government, those oppressed are never mentioned by name. Secondly, the old adage “Out of sight, out of mind.”

The globalist brigade want English Canada to go by the way of the dinosaur--therefore they never speak of the “beast.” Anyone recall historical examples where the demonized were also those never discussed in public? CAP can think of several examples.

Indeed, these are ominous signs of significant social impact. No wonder CBC and the rest of the Canadian media ignore the whole affair. What does it mean that Globe & Mail and Toronto Star have voided themselves of any responsibility for communicating these concepts to the people of Canada?

Another simple answer: Because both media and government are working together to trans-form Canada into a post-English Canada nation. Therefore, they remain “silent as the lambs” as our people walk a path toward their societal degeneration.

Hey, check this out: According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Anglophone and Christian Canada are racist trash. Additionally, we are Islam-haters, Sikh-haters, and bigots in general. Also, xenophobic haters of foreigners. To add a cherry to the top, Anglos are genocidal maniacs as it relates to our Aboriginal communities. Oh, I almost forgot– we are Jew-haters as well.

Was all this not the “underlying,” tacit message delivered by Trudeau during his run of apologies to every special interest group he could dig-up? Of course it was. Media utter not one single word to this effect.

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Holy Cow–are our people ever getting screwed over here. If we don’t get off of our political butts, our communities will be finished in the long term. King Justin has nothing good to say about our people. Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen is presently tasked with trans-forming us into a bona-fide “minority.” We all know from the multicult moaners how awful it is to be a minority in Canada. Media breath not a word about the whole thing.

Sound like “white privilege” to you? How about that old stand-by, “white supremacy?” How can any common sense Canadian(non-snowflake) not see the insanity of this social and political dynamic?

Most cannot– King Justin’s media are covering off this element of the assault upon our people. In academic terms, this “silent people” situation is a hallmark of Marxist political theory. Wanna know what else falls into this category?

An erasure of history–which is exactly what the Trudeau government and their backers are working on at present. Bury the name of the people, and then destroy the history of the people. Marxism 101.

Example: Within post-modern Canada, multiple “Islamic Heritage Months” have been established by both Federal and Provincial governments. Only thing is–Canada has no Islamic heritage. The Nation of Islam contributed a grand total of nothing to the founding of Canada, as well as the entrenchment of institutions which set-up the fundamental structure of society.

Yet, their multiple heritage months are locked-in tight within society. Is this not a re-write of Canadian history, communist-style? Damn straight it is–and damn straight it is the product of the Liberal-Third World-Globalist Party of Canada.

As such,  media BURY the entire phenomenon. Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.




7 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau Has Not Said A Single GOOD WORD About English Canada

  1. Trudeau only speaks up for the French and anything that is Muslim. English Canada means nothing to junior. This is what happens when simpletons have the right to vote!

  2. The Trudeau’s, Father and Son have done a tremendous job of preparing Canada for a total makeover. You have to compliment them on their devious plan. If it continues unchecked, Canada will enter the ranks of a third world nation, without a peep.
    The electorate who failed to realize what they had done when Pierre was PM have been hoodwinked into a second campaign by his corrupt Son. Don’t look for sympathy from my friends or I. You deserve what you got and I’ll never forgive you for what you have done to my generation.

  3. You are totally correct in you assumptions of this idiot that we have for a Crime Minister!! He has to go and I think the vast majority of All Canadians feel the same way! But, when the Conservatives are going to take almost 1 year to select a new leader it will be almost impossible to undo all of the damages this man will have inflicted on our country! The time to overthrow this tyrant is now! Legally or whatever way possible! Our country will be useless for our children and grandchildren when these #TurDoDopian #Lieberals are finished and our descendants will be slaves and/or in somebodies haram!! WTFU People!!

  4. Every Christian in Canada should be working to THROW JUSTIN out of office in the next election.

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