Justin Trudeau Invests $2 Billion Of Canadian Pension Plan In “Stressed Assets” In India

26 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Invests $2 Billion Of Canadian Pension Plan In “Stressed Assets” In India

    1. Not only made when Stephen Harper was PM, but made by the CPP Investment Board, a body that is independent of government and responsible only to Parliament. If this is such a bad investment, as Michael Arana claims, why aren’t the Conservatives he so admires speaking out.

  1. Cut Trudeau salary in half and give to others in need instead of taking honest peoples working money away…

  2. To the best of my knowledge, ALL pension plans, government AND private sector, invest their funds into investments in order to grow the money to insure there is enough to go around. Without these investments the pension funds would only grow at the current bank interest rate (0.5%, or whatever it is today!) and very soon there would be none left unless the deposits into the fund were hugely increased. Anyone for having their CPP deductions from their paycheque increased tenfold or so? Didn’t think so! And he whines about the poor on the reserves! If the Chiefs didn’t steal all the bands money for themselves there would, in most cased, be plenty of money for education, housing and healthcare on the reserves! And Justanidiot Turdo just did away with the Accountability Act that Harper brought in to eliminate this very problem!

    1. Yes. In the last 50 years, the different level of governments gave to the First Nations $2.3 trillion dollars for just over 1 million people. When we know that the current federal debt is $1.2 trillion and it is considered huge, this 2.3 trillion gives us a scary indication. The accountability act is a must.

      1. It’s my understanding that these monies come from long held trust funds set up during Canada’s creation. They do no come from general revenue but are administered by the federal government. Just saying.

        1. No. You are wrong. The money is from federal transfers to trust accounts that are then paid to bands. First Nations also get money from land claims, etc. The historical part is that the trust funds were set up under the Indian act as part of the reserve system.

    2. Id settle for 5% of my investment so far… if they had simply banked my contribution I’d be taking in twice my current salary in CPP….

  3. A profoundly dishonest and misleading video. First, the money in question is an investment, not a “gift” or a “sacrifice” as Michael Arana asserts. Secondly, it has naught to do with Justin Trudeau; the investment was announced last year when the Harper Conservatives are in power. The said, the investment has nothing to do with Stephen Harper either, rather it is an initiative of the CPP Investment Board, which is wholly independent of government and is answerable only to Parliament. Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the CPP knows that it is not unusual for some funds – in this case, 0.7% – to be invested offshore; they will also know of the Investment Board’s success in growing the plan. For those who don’t know much about the CPP, the Investment Board website is a good place to start: http://cppib.com/en/home.html

    1. Absolutely Brian, you have it spot on. I called Michael (the video author) on this days ago and instead of having a rational dialogue (or better yet pulling the video completely for it’s inaccuracies) he decided instead to disable comments. I truly think he was misinformed when he created the video but one would think that after being presented with clear evidence that his video is completely wrong he would do something about it. But now he’s just enjoying the views he is getting since he has ads enabled on the video and making money off of it. I am sure he had good intentions when posting the video but by knowingly leaving it online he now has zero credibility.

      1. I was one of those who commented on the video at YouTube, Darren, pointing out the simple facts above. Michael Arana’s initial reaction was to dismiss those who criticized as “idiots” and “morons”, all the while accusing same of calling him a “liar”. He then proceeded to do a few contortions, presenting more incorrect information. When these in turn were challenged, he simply disabled all comments, pulling past comments down in the process. I’m with you on this, I truly believe that Michael Arana’s intentions were honest. He made a series of false assumptions – bias can blind. Sadly, he seems content to let the video stand, knowing full well that its content is untrue. Whether this makes him a liar I’ll leave others to decide.

  4. It was a Liberal government that created the CPP investment board. Chretien/Martin. 1997-1999. Google is your friend.

    1. It was the Liberal Government who created CPP back in the sixties and allowed Quebec to sever into their own pension fund. The Liberals then put the pension money, paid by the people of Canada, into general funds part of which Quebec benefited from. Quebec went merrily on their way running their own pension plan investing in Quebec companies. One of the many ways we Canadians pay Quebec to be our friend. Separation is one of the biggest scams ever thought up in Canada.

  5. I live on nine thousand a year may be he can give me some money to live on think that will happen no but our money can be given to every other country in the world and can be used to help all the refugies so they can live comfortably in my country the one i grew up in what the hell is going on in ont i am from oshawa ont and no one helps me i have to servive the best that i can my goverment is to busy helping every body els and every other country to help me and other poeple in my situation thank you to my goverment for looking after its own arent we lucky to have such a good goverment to help us out

  6. Those defending this, doesn’t matter, under Trudeau, the CPP will not exist in twenty years, she will be gone lads. Do YOUR homework! Did he not just increase the contributions? To what? Ah, the Liberal take machine. No give there. Good luck with that.

  7. WOW such a great investment. Ghettos in turd world countries… how can I get rid of my hard earned dollars so quick and with little to know return. Genius!!!

  8. first of all, the CPPIB, not trudeau, is the ones investing this money, and has been investing money in foreign low risk projects since 1997, due to the fact that CPP was putting out more money then they were getting contributed back. if it wernt for these investments, the canada pension plan would have gone bankrupt in the early 90s late 80s

    secondly, the canadian pension plan is valued at over 270 BILLION DOLLARS, 2 billion dollars for a guaranteed return investment is a drop in the pale. this certianly isnt going to cause them to go backrupt..

    thirdly, if youre gonna try and make an opinion, please for the love of god, EDUCATE yourself, on how the system works.

    this guy is a total moron.

  9. canadians can only blame themselves for voting a second grade teacher who s never done anything ,as prime minister.

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