30 thoughts on “Video: Justin Trudeau Says Canada Belongs More To Immigrants Than Canadian-Born

  1. Fleeing from abuses is just that. It’s no different than fleeing an abusive relationship. You need to get somewhere safer than where you are. That is a necessity. To glorify it as a choice, is reckless and ignorant.
    Refugees of war torn countries seeking asylum is one thing, but putting out a ‘mainstream’ welcome mat that invites all walks of life (not always good for the homeland) will deteriorate the moral fabric of our beloved country, therefore extreme vetting should be mandatory.
    Some people cannot accept these cold hard facts, and ‘choose’ to endorse their ‘rose colored glasses’ version for public consumption. Irresponsible.

    1. it is not reckless, and he was talking about immigrants. you added refugees to further your bigotry.

      1. you must be a liberal .When you do not like what someone else says, just call them a bigot or racist or both. yes Liberal for sure.

      2. Legal immigrants, those crossings illegally into Canada claiming they are refugees should automatically be disqualified, they have to apply for refugee status in the US but some of the people trying to claim refugee status have been living in the US for years. As trudope is letting them in he should be putting them in internment camps if he wants to be paying for hotel rooms they should at least be for homeless Canadians not those illegally entering the country.

      3. You must be an inbred liberal we dont need illegal migrants we need a baby boom amongst white Christian canadians who built this country

        1. Canadian governments had 40 years to stimulate Canadian born birthrates before the “old age” crisis occurred–they never lifted a finger to do so…UNited NAtions CONTROL of Canada.

          1. Us Canadians couldn’t afford more children, as our tax base prevents us from having more . This asshole has encouraged the most prolific breeders to come to our country and turn our once , crime free , beautiful free country into their shithole place. All with the help of our own leader ?

      4. We are losing our culture and our way of life to help people who can’t even help themselves and no interest in assimilating to our way of life !

    2. Well why don’t you go there these people only no war where have you been if they want to change then do something like we are these people want our country an will kill you if they must if seen these people in action an they care nothing of what you care for they are all ready demanding there laws in our country its people like you who are symphitatic when really either you get killed or some poor child will you can’t tame wild dog these people either we help them better if we sent them back really

    3. Trudeau, Scheer, Singh, and May (Libs, CPC, NDP and Green party’s) are ALL puppets of the United Nations’ push to implement their Agenda 21/2030 pact’s globally. It is the purposeful attempt by the U.N., European Union and other elitest organizations for a One World Order to eradicate national boundaries world wide for control of those member countries.

    4. Incredible choice of words you use in your statement , I’m impressed , you hit it bang on and articulated perfectly

  2. This Man is a complete Moron,Canadians who are born here,are Born Canadian.Not as Our Idiot Prime minister says they are Canadians by Default,this is a total Fucking Insult!!

  3. What an idiot. He’s sucking up to immigrants and ignoring the First Nations who were here for thousands of years before any immigrants.

  4. Idiot. We built the county that immigrants chose to come to. Therefore we are proud of our country and we dont want it to change. If it chages it will not be the same country and you #justin will turn it into a shithole.

    1. This country was built by immigrants. The majority of us are descendants of immigrants. Unless you happen to be a descendant of Canadian Natives that were here long before any of you.

      1. Wrong, this country was built by Pioneers and Settlers that settled here with the First Nations people to build this country. The true definition of an Immigrant is someone who migrates to another country that is already a devoloped country (i.e. has roads, schools, a government, infrastructure etc) , Those that first came here cannot be called immigrants as Canada was NOT yet a devoloped country then.

      2. EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS! not middle eastern. Their countries are shitholes because they haven’t the brains to recognize their religion as being a destructive one !

  5. Justin you are dead wrong !~!~!~!~~~~ we are a nation of immigrants from all over the world and as such we have more claim to being true Canadians than the illegal immigrants that you have recently flooded our country with. Your comments Justin prove your incompetence and just plain stupidity !~!~!~~~~~ You need to be removed from office for your incredibly idiotic remarks !~!~~~~~ a true Canadian ( I was born here )

  6. I have no problem in immigrants coming to our country but I do have a problem with the amount of Muslims being allowed into Canada who threaten our way of life and it’s all due to this asshole. Believe me, before the next Federal election, he’s going to put a new law through stating that you don’t have to be Canadian to vote because he thinks the Muslims owe him. They owe him nothing. They plan to steal our country out from underneath us like they’ve stolen Great Britain, Europe and New Zealand. They have forced these countries to bend to their will and it will happen here as well.

    Look around you. We have a lot of wonderful immigrants who’ve come here for something better and have gotten something better. Many of them have studied and have written the test to become Canadian citizens and good for them. I’m very proud of them when they tell me they have chosen to become Canadian citizens. I have no regrets to them coming into my country but they aren’t entitled to become Canadians just because they live here. They need to study, they need to write the test and they need to be sworn in as Canadians. 99.9% of the Muslims will never do that and the Crime Minister knows that.

    As for this POS telling me that Canada belongs more to immigrants than Canadian born, tell that to our Aboriginal people who ‘gave’ their permission for the white man to settle in this country. They didn’t have to but they did and I’m sure they regret that very issue. My grandfather was an immigrant from Scotland. He came here in 1921. Several of his siblings joined immigrated here as well and enjoyed their lives living in Canada. My grandmother was from a small village in New Brunswick. Her ancestors came here beginning in 1783 with the United Empire Loyalists but make no mistake, her ancestry was from England. But make no mistake, we’ve all come immigrant ancestry. To say that Canada belongs more to immigrants than those born here; I do beg to differ. None of them are as proud of living in this country, of loving this country than those of us who were born and bred here. I will always be a proud Canadian.

  7. The man has proved more than 50 times he is mentally unbalanced. He is in need of professional help, as are his followers who lap up everything he says and does without thought.

  8. What an idiot.. They chose this country because of what the people here did to make it the way it is you imbecile!! Now they want to come here and make it what they left!!. There is a reason they left, so stop trying to turn Canada into the country you fled from!

    1. Not true! We here in the west never voted that asshole in ! It was Ontario and all its immigrants! NB , overwhelmingly voted PC.

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