Trudeau Government Pushing Assisted Suicide For Teenagers WITHOUT Parental Consent

“If the child is considered mature enough to make decisions, parents can be KEPT OUT of  the death discussions. Indeed, the authors envision scenarios in which parents aren’t even notified by doctors that they are going to terminate the life of their offspring.


“With lethal-injection euthanasia now legal in Canada for patients age 18 and over whose deaths are “foreseeable” — a vague limitation sure to be erased eventually– eager bioethicists describe a proposed protocol to govern child euthanasia once legal authority expands to INCLUDE minors.”

“The Conference of Catholic Bishops said the church is against all forms of assisted death and suicide, calling it “contrary to the most profound natural inclination of each human being to live and preserve life.”

“Expanding euthanasia and assisted suicide to include minors, the mentally ill and advance directives would be a grave tragedy for all Canadians,” spokeswoman Lisa Gall said in a statement to CBC.

And here Justin Trudeau claims to be a follower of the Catholic faith.



40 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Pushing Assisted Suicide For Teenagers WITHOUT Parental Consent

    1. Steve Huff, how do you know he isn’t clinically mentally ill ….. are you his psychiatrist? His decisions indicate he has some severe problems.

      1. Shirley, are YOU a mental health professional who is certified and educated in a way that gives you any right to say if someone is, or isn’t, mentally ill?

        1. My point is that Abortion, Euthanasia and the rest are socialist-derived social engineering programs to rid canada of un-productive non-taxpayers– BRAD

    2. Steve Huff, I think you’re 100% correct one this. I am afraid of what this world is coming to. There is no longer any form of genuine human concern. People would rather hit record on their phone, than help someone in need.

    1. In total agreement! The man is evil and I pray he will pay the consequences of his evil doings if he doesn’t repent and continues to destroy Canadians.

    1. He got in because he promised the natives $10,000,000. additional funding for schooling which he did, he promised pot smokers that he would make marijuana legal (which he did), and he kept his ideals about bringing in refugees, which he did. He has promised snowflakes 1700. a month in CPP which they have not even paid for. Seniors get shafted because they paid their dues and only collect a tiny bit back monthly. Many seniors die and all their paid dues go to others not the just seniors in their age bracket. How much vetting did he do on refugees has shown up in plowing down people with vehicles, bomb threats galore?. Even small cites like Penticton and Kamloops out here in BC interior.have had bomb threats. Murdering a young girl by a refugee. Paying out $10,000,000. to traitor.

  1. Because you dislike Trudeau, you make it sound like he just waves a magic wand and doctors can just pull out a gun and murder teens. Firstly, its not solely Trudeau. Its his party. And what his party does comes from listening to his constituents. These are not tots that they are talking about. Teens today are more mature than you give them credit for. I always cringe when I hear a story of a parent withholding treatment from a child because of their beliefs, with no thought of what the child would want. The child dies because of the parents ignorance. Teens are human being who can think for themselves. Sure, its a touchy subject, but in extreme cases where a child is suffering immensely with no way out other than imminent death, why should they have assisted suicide withheld from them? If the parent has the option as a dire need for themselves, why does the child have to suffer just so the parent doesn’t have to feel the terrible loss of their child? Its easy to cry foul and call Trudeau a murderer but maybe he has more compassion than you give him credit for. .

    1. So you are in favour of the state having the right to exclude parents from having input into the death of their child? That’s part of the program.

    2. Daniel Zuckerma, the WHOLE POINT of medicine and doctors is to help and heal! Procuring DEATH was never part of the calling. There are many ways to control pain and pushing death on anyone is 1 thing and only 1 thing; Our country does not want to PAY to CARE for its’ people. As someone with knowledge of helping those in pain, this whole push to euthanize everyone and anyone who is ‘expensive’ to care for is disgusting. I was taught to respect people right to their last breath, there are many combinations of drugs and care available for End of Life Care. So your argument about teens being mature enough to decide for themselves is another BASH against families and family unity. This PM and his government has one purpose: Dictatorship.

    3. “Teens” are not actually capable of making a life or death decision…I believe that level of maturity is not expected until the mid-20’s (if ever, of course, in many cases). There is no way a minor should have that decision option.

    4. You actually “think” Trudeau and his party listen to constituents? That is your first big fat error, but only your first. Teens are mature enough to decide to kill themselves? Really? Do you not know how much bad judgement kids exhibit as teens? And then grow out of? Their brains are not fully mature yet (fact) and they are developing and changing very rapidly. Why would you be so eager to be in favor of hastening the tragic needless deaths of young people who could very probably be saved with help from those who love them? Dark minds.

    5. And what if all those teens are predominately First Nation? And our culture prohibits the termination of young lives? Trudeau is basically advocating genocide for our oppressed and historically traumatized people. He’s f’n evil man. We see his soul.

    6. I rarely use the word stupid. But I have never heard such a stupid comment as this one. They are CHILDREN!!!!! Full of hormones and not having a clue how to handle life. Killing them is not the answer. And yes … they are killing children. There is no compassion whatsoever.

  2. We are loosing our rights one by one . And some are giving them away for one marketed idea or another . Manipulated and lost within propaganda .

    1. You are so correct! Here in the U.S. our collages literally teach socialism and it’s tenants to our kids! Conservative values are vilified and young people who speak up on this are bullied and ostracized. The push to legalize the murder of the unborn,euthanize the sick and elderly. Human rights and the sanctity of life have largely disappeared. I pray for a return to the values that this nation was founded on. Hope Canada has a rebirth as well.

  3. I’m surprised that the common man has not figured this out yet. Jesus Christ told us man would be like this in the latter days. The words went like this: The love of many will grow cold. Love is rapidly become a lost concept. Hate, anger and verbal abuse of every kind is the norm now and getting worse. But my question. How did He know it would be like this over 2,000 years later?

  4. No way in hell would i allow someone to kill my child looks like canada gonna lose a whole bunch of its residents. Who the hell reappointed this fucking idiot. Glad this isnt my country I’d kill my childs dr if they encouraged this type of behavior your supposed to help the child not kill them

  5. Face it; Trudeau is a puppet, not elected but selected by the powers that be and then orchestrated into office. I’ve been saying for a long time that Trudeau, like pretty well ALL world “leaders” is a paid, controlled puppet of the global New World Order elite. He does NOT work for or care about Canadians at all. His real job and his true calling is to destroy what we know as Canada and initiate it’s transition from a sovereign entity into one component of the global New World Order with a single global digital monetary unit, a single global military force in a world of borderless “nations” under a single, global rule. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”. Forget such labels and stop trying to rationalize all the shit that has been and continues to pushed down our throats; just open your eyes and LOOK at what’s right there in plain sight. We truly are on a Prison Planet and have been since time immemorial. This rock is ruled by Luciferian psychopaths of unknown origin. That’s barely scratching the surface. To delude ourselves otherwise only serves to compound our gross error of believing in all the lies that have made up our existence so far… Deny it all you want as it continues to unfold.

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