Trudeau Government Prepare To Welcome ISIS Terrorists BACK To Canada

Behind the scenes, the RCMP is working “all hands on deck” to get ready, Michaud said, adding the Mounties were helping local police forces and federal agencies gear up to deal with the returnees.


124 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Prepare To Welcome ISIS Terrorists BACK To Canada

  1. These isis and Justin Trudeau and those involved in the return of ISIS should face jail time for abusing the security of Canadians and innocent souls who suffered death and persecution in the hands of ISIS.
    Iraq is taking revenge on ISIS which lame Justin Trudeau refuse point blank of doing.
    These ISIS didn’t go on an excursion tour. They went to kill innocent souls for not following their ideology and enslaving women.
    This liberal gov is not worth to hold a candle to the loss of souls who fought to uphold their Christian values and for the love of Jesus Christ to their last breath.
    Many Muslim women and girls were threatened daily and killed and still in all of this Justin Trudeau welcomes their killers with open arms.

    1. They will comeback and qualified for medical help with PTSD qualified for welfare holiday all inclusive at our expense what you think about that . Welcome home Isis.


          1. Can’t believe he would do this unless he would put them in prison and on trial for murder.

        1. The man has a terrible reputation, even countries like Germany and Sweden are sure Trudeau is a muslim. How about tha!

      2. I am so glad I don’t live in Canada. I thought nothing could be worse than the American democrats, but this is just outrageous!

        1. I too, am glad you don’t live in Canada ! As all these forementioned posts attest, we have enough ignorant, uneducated bigots living north of the 49th parallel !

    2. Yes true and he’s letting all these fucking immigrants in here knowing these people are blowing up schools they treat us like shit in our country and taking our jobs from us! This MF needs to be voted out and make Canada hole again I’m not proud to be Canadian! And they get everything handed to them we have to work for it

          1. Why stay because this is our country , most of us were born and raised here .someone needs to fight back about this shit

        1. Politely excuse yourself and go back to wherever it is that you came from that is so much better than this hole I call home.

        2. A hole is something you dig! Please use correct words, for proper meaning. PM has already dug a hole for Canada. We need the country to be whole again. Right
          Incorrect words change the meaning.

          1. Hole was used in the right context. Canada needs to be whole again and give Canadians more benefits then it gives Immigrants. I am a Canadian Citizen born in Sask. 08/12/48.

          1. 😂Canada is a shit HOLE! Come on….really. Keep on letting those Muslim terrorist scum in and you’ll continue to watch your shit HOLE….well still be shitty Ol Canada! Welcome Isis? Haha damn idiots.

        3. Ya, it is becoming a “hole”, because of people like yourself residing in it. If you don’t like it here, do us all a favor and fuck off and go live somewhere else !

        1. Never? Really??? Well, what are you waiting for?? Simple; pack your bags and leave!

          1. pack our bags and leave.. you fucking get rid of country destroying assholes that make it impossible for us to be content here.that includes YOU

        2. I can’t believe you feel that way? Are you a natural born or a landed immigrant? Why do you feel that way?

          1. This is 100% planned– Anglophone identity in Canada is by default racism according to the Tru-dope Third World government of Canada.– Brad

      1. Immigration!!! Check your background stupid, you will find yourself immigrant as well

        1. I’m Irish-French, My ancestors came to North America with no government hand out! Had to work hard and help build this nation. They didn’t come here and bitch about the nation, they came and adapted to the new world, not try and make it wat they left!!! War vets homeless in the fridgid cold when u got these new comers shacked up at the Hilton!! Handing out taxes payers dollars like it’s there own person piggy bank!! And yet, what can we do? No lawyer will risk there lives that they’ve worked hard to get to take on the government… so I ask again, what can we do!? Nothing, let him drag everything down and come oct elect a new pm with all these promises and just hope they’re not half a cricked as the last… STUPID

          1. Do you know any refugees. I have taught thousands and they are almost without an exception very hardworking.

          2. Everyone in Canada has an immigrant in their family. People immigrated to Canada from other countries. Unlike your family who came here and worked hard to earn a living mine came here as slaves who worked hard for nothing.

          3. your on the right many of us work hard and try hard and it is a horrifying battle just surviving from paycheck to paycheck and there is never anything left after payday to put away for a rainy day.yet government and government emloyees get giant wages and lifetime pensions,and signing bonuses and sick days and every benifet under the sun while their job workload comprises of mostly just putting in time and very little of that

      2. Why do you think that immigrants don’t work? Unless you exist in a hole you can’t but notice that both immigrants and refugees are doing all kinds of jobs young Canadians won’t do…they are working 7 days a week… often two jobs ..going to school full time to learn English…and working 40 hours a week etc. I know because I teach immigrants and refugees. Refugees that were sponsored by the feds had to start paying back the costs of coming here 12 months after arriving..they have to pay back thousands of dollars.. Most work as cleaners, dishwashers, restaurant help , uber drivers, in seniors homes, daycares, as live in help, stock shelves in stores, etc. And few I teach stay on welfare more than a few months because they come from countries with a much harder work ethic then here and can’t actually lIve off the $650 a month they get on social assistance. As for treating us like shit?
        Get real. The newcomers I work with are kind caring respectful family valuing people who want to raise their kids in a country free from War and persecution and dont drop their parents off in senior homes but keep them ar home till they die. They live frugally so one parent can stay home and raise their children. Many send money back home to help extended family living in tents in refugee camps for years. Others save money while working at minimum wage so they can get their moms sisters grannies or little brothers out of abject poverty and dangerous places like Yemen where 20 million people are expected to have died due to bombs and mass starvation in 2018 and 19. As for taking your job? Will you clean toilets like I did to pay my way through university? I am a tenth generation immigrant and also a descendant of Mi’gmaq women. I see newcomers every day and none the racialized ignorant description you posted.

        1. Je suis métis algonquin et pendant plusieurs années g occupé 2 emplois en même temps g fait mes études à l’uquam en ayant comme foyer les rues montréalaises, oui il y a des gens qui travaillent dur et ne demandent rien au gouvernement ici si t pauvre c pas un pays chaud et c pas tout le monde qui a une maison et une famille bien nantis, si tu viens des régions c comme immigrer se déplacer vers les grands centre car tu dois recommencer tout sans familles ou amis

        2. Thank you for your succinct post; what I was thinking but did not know quite how to say.

        3. That is exactly the kind of attitude and delusion that is bringing its to ts knees! get real!! you are experiencing the same as we in Europe, starts well just to completely derail!. Look how many deads, blown ups we have had in Europe during the last 3 years. With the immigrants and open borders comes sooner or later the infiltration which is proven by MI5 and the German intelligence……you’re own experiences are of no value here what so ever, you have to look at the big picture!………you are extremely deluded and rather naive in your thoughts. However wait until the first terrorist attack, which for sure will come, then lets see if your thoughts are the same??….this ideology simply dont mix with our western world and thats why we dont enter their world!

          1. Globalism is GLOBAL–same phenomenon within ALL western nations. Merkel, Macron,Trudeau…all share the same ideological viewpoint, as in work AGAINST the traditional values of your nation while advancing Islam within your country– that being the silver bullet of cultural decimation

        4. You weren’t listening. It cost us billions to put up refugees in hotels, in many cases for nearly a year. Imagine that? Great planning, Junior. Please resign.

      3. Go back to school, get an education and a life ! Instead of blaming immigrants for all the things wrong w your life as a an ugly bigot w/ poor grammar skills who cant’t spell ( whole ) lol. I’m glad you’re NOT a proud Canadian, because people like you give normal empathetic, politically correct Candians a bad name. Hopefully the lucky few refugee’s that come here take full advantage of our world class free education system, and receive the education that you clearly lack !

        1. Its because of leftie scumbags that Europe and Canada look like this. Welcoming all the shit and scum inside our countries! vommit big-time!!…genuine war-destroyed people are OK! and according to German investigations that was a meager 3.67% all the rest are just pure crap wanting to live on benefits!!…however the good news is that in Europe only 3 Globalistik governments remain and the are soon to be stamped upon!…..Canadians should just rise and do away with the filth!!…..sorry Dan I appreciate your a commie but you are heavily outnumbered!

  2. total BS….these terrorist should be jailed and charged with treason. trudeau is going to lose this next election because of a lot of things but this is one of them. what an absolute lame ass idiot.

      1. You’re already done, you’ve even lost your free speech. Congratulations Canada on becoming the western shithole ISIS “retirees” can live.
        What an ignorant government you have.

      2. Norman b he should not be re elected come October 19th.I sure will not vote for this man so he calls himself. he is weak.

    1. It doesnt say they aren’t being jailed it says that the price forces are getting ready to deal with them.

  3. LetUs pray to God that an RCMP investigation is called upon to investigate our esteemed leaders activities., in all areas of his time in office. This ISIS mess is a good example. i dont know why he feels that their mental health is ready to enter Canadian society. Jody Wilson-Raybould has been very brave slanding up to explain all of the abuses she has had to suffer. She acted like a lady throughout her 30 minutespeech and i agree that an investigation must be held.

    1. i’ve been following all this shit from the start,and im quite perplexed that this could even happen, its sad that all these fuckn stupid ppl who think they are doing good, wait til they get raped and murdered by these fuckn lowlife isis, would serve them right cause id laugh my way all the way to the cemetery, stupid fucks. i’m far from educated, however i lived long enough to foresee the dangers of what this piece of shit is doing to “our” country not his, he can do dna which wouldn’t surprise me at the least he knows his real sperm donor is castro, more so think i’m guna jst quit following shit till building start blowing up then maybe the rcmp will start doing their jobs of protecting canadians, their home also.

  4. Trudeau has lost the plot and needs to be either removed or voted out of office. He is complicity in bringing Isis terrorists into Canada, and putting the population at risk..

    1. And people dislike Trump! I’m Canadian living in the USA for 20 years! Trump at least is trying to help the people of USA he might be a loud mouth but wow Trudeau takes the cake for being crazy!

      1. I agree with Trump is a true patriot that loves his country,Trudeau is the complete opposite ,he was out to destroy Canada in favor of the NWO and Globalism he was in the pocket of George Soros a friend of the Naziis in WW2

      2. Your a Canadian living in the states abd and saying trump is helping the people you stay there, we don’t need idiot Canadians here snd you are one, that man has done nothing but destroy a once respected and beautiful country! He is a traitor a corrupt man, a fornicator and whoremonger, a racist a man who has put the gov’t into debt by the trillions whom has taken food stamps away from the poor anf
        And is trying to get rid of of medicaid and madicare so the poor are once more without coverage, he has thousands of homeless veterans living on the street, he has seniors having to choose between food and medication and he defends the despots of the world against his own people and country and stolen money that belonged to a to a charity so that he and his family cannot have access to another one! Do not try to run down my Prime Minister, trump will never be half the man Prime Minister Trudeau is!

        1. Trump 2020. I’d rather have a good Canadian here that appreciates this country then a freeloading jackass like yourself.

        2. You think our Crime Minister is doing a good job ? Are you a refugee or Govt worker? JT does nothing for veterans, has lied to the indigenous & to all of us. Hope you get your head together before it too late !

        3. Margaret YOU are a disgrace. YOU should be ashamed of yourself. YOU are a typical illigitimate inbred swine.
          Trump is the BEST president ever.
          Now go back and crawl under your rock you fool.

        4. Everything you said about trump is such a lie. I have never heard more ignorant words before. Fake news much? Damn that hurt to read…lol USA is healing from the damage Hussain Ofaggot just put us through. Trump has app much of his own money. Money means nothing to him at this point. He takes his presidential salary and gives it all to Vets, so…wrong again. Can you possibly come up with any more shit lies? Fuqn MORON!

        5. I am a Canadian. Your comments about Trudy Boy and Trump do not deserve response.You know nothing, Margaret. Our Golden Goose is a zero as a PM is concerned. Every day he proves to be a malevolent idiot. During my long life I never saw an idiot with so much purpose to become a dictator and destroy your country. Wake up .You can’t be more wrong than what you are, and you have been fed lies about Trump. You follow CNN the tabloid Fake News.

          1. Justin Trudeau is both the most idiotic and dangerous Canadian politician who ever lived.

        6. your a joke Trudeau is not a man he not even a kid he is a worthless P.O.S that need to be charged with treason and they need to bring back the death penalty for treason. also as much as trump is an idiot he is more of a man then trudick is. truedick promised vets something then stab them in back saying their sacrifice to our country was meaningless by saying that they are asking for to much and we can afford it. if that the case close immigration stop giving out free shit to them and give it to the vets, also stop giving out 10 million to a terrorist, or 50 million to Africa for their education. his old man would be turning in his grave because he letting terrorist in country, his father set marshal law in Quebec over separatists in 1970. so what i am saying is i have server in the Canadian reserves and i am discussed as to how Canada has turned out between the terrorists and the millennial’s have turned this country into a hole that i am ashamed of.

        7. Trump is exellent for the Americans!! whatever you here are from the sour crap that backed the criminal Clintons!!..Have in mind a leader should firstly take care of his own people and country and that Trump is doing perfectly!..
          Trudeau is dumping his people, he is exposing his people to pure evil, he is one ginat security risk for his entire country and the only ones buying his garbage is weird students and old incipit people who dont even know anything about Islam and its ideology.
          Go back 70 years and he would be court marshalled and hung!…Macron is slowly being ousted from office, the 800.000 yellow vests have promised to arm themselves and mayhem will follow.
          Goodbye Trudeau, goodbye Macron!!

        8. Margaret I feel very sorry for your delusion. Trump may be brash and boorish at times but he is doing everything he can for the American PEOPLE. My advice is to stop listening to the CBC and drinking the Liberal kool-aid.

      3. Trump is the fucking man! I love my dear leader.. you Canadians are fucked with that faggot lady boy pussy PM he is a little ball less bitch

    1. “WE” did not vote Turdo in, eastern Canada in all there stupid wisdom of piles of shit voted him in, any voters west of the Manitoba / Ontario border did not vote for this AS$hole, so if you live east of the Manitoba / Ontario boarder then you are responsible for the ruin of Canada , you are complicit in the worst government that Canada has ever had and responsible for the fall of one of the best countries in the world

  5. no way they should be banned from entry for treasonous grounds dont let them in and then give them 7 hots and a cot they will love that then they get the whole ball of wax health care prescriptions education all on the tax payers dime wake up people then what 10 million each for miss treatment no wonder they want to return

    1. What’s the difference? We’re doing it for people on welfare in Canada that use the system. Ones that should be made to work that actually can but instead use the system because they are too lazy to work.

  6. You may see a yellowvest rally and avoid it. You may laugh when the media makes fun of and shames the yellow vests. You may dismiss the yellowvest so as not to be lumped in with the narrative and labeling. You may be scared to support the yellow vest for fear of repudiation.

    But know this.

    If you love your country, you ARE a yellow vest.

    If you cherish freedom, you ARE a yellow vest.

    If you want to regain, maintain, and protect your nation’s sovereignty, you ARE a yellow vest.

    If you believe our Canadian Culture of freedom, liberty, equality, respect, responsibility and tolerance is real and worth protecting, you ARE a yellowvest.

    If you’re tired and frustrated at establishment governments abusing you and your hard earned tax dollars, you ARE a yellowvest.

    If you’ve had enough of our media, our politicians and our special interest groups dividing us, you ARE a yellowvest.

    If you support our energy industry and pipelines, you support our farmers and ranchers, you support our industries and our economy, then you ARE a yellowvest.

    So the next time you hear a media personality degrading a yellowvest, they’re degrading you.

    When you see a news report that claims the yellowvest is racist, they’re calling you racist.

    There are many reasons for not donning a vest and joining the movement, but for those who ignore those reasons, donn a yellowvest, voice their concerns loudly and proudly, stand up to the shaming and labeling, they’re not doing it for themselves, they’re doing it for you and for your children and grandchildren. They’re doing it in-spite of the hate, in-spite of the labeling, in-spite of the shaming.

    These fellow Canadians are doing it for their love of our country.
    Their love of freedom.

    We are all patriots….🇨🇦

    So, on behalf all every Canadian Patriot at this rally and across this beautiful, united, and free country I am standing here to represent, we want you all to commit to dumping the carbon tax, get pipelines built, treat our energy industry along with all hard working Canadians with respect, denounce and reject the migrant pact in its entirety and give us all our sovereignty back, and finally, withdraw from the UN SDA, in full.

    Power of the people is stronger than the people in power

    Long live Canada and her citizens

    1. i joined some yellow vest groups, but everytime a rally was held i didnt hear about it until too late. where would i go so i can be in the loop beforehand? thanx and well said

      1. We protest every Saturday 11-1 at city halls. Join a yellow vest fb group in your area & connect. If there isn’t one near you, start one like we did in Sarnia. It was only 2 people but that’s what you must do if you want to stand up for canada !

    2. That’s why I am a YV. What you’ve written is what I say to inform the masses. Sadly we are loosing our identity & our Canada by what our Crime Minister is doing. Cheers & Stay Strong !

  7. He never should have been elected in the first place. Any body who thought he was like his father were sadly mistaken, hes nothing like him. Hes too young and naive to get how this country should be run. If he thinks that allowing ISIS back into this country isnt going to come at the cost of Canadian lives, then he should be the first one to go.

    1. Did you live through his father’s regime…early 80’s 22% mortgage..people losing everything..he is exactly like his father self centered and arrogant caring only for himself…give your head shake

    2. So who or rather which type of voter elected him?? in Europe Canada nowadays is known as the dumpinground of illegals!….in my country, England they will remove the citizen-ship of any IS soldiers but Trudeau is welcoming them with open arms, is he completely mad??….you wanna get yourselves together and revolt, yellow-vests, anything!…they complain against Trump! but look what youve got, a complete and utter lunatic!

    3. Nancy. I agree! However, if they are Canadian, by birth, they have an absolute right to come home!
      Where we differ: I believe, at the cost of humanity, that they should taken out completely, out of society, forever, the moment they return!
      In the final analysis, this is the ONLY way to guarantee the safety of our citizens, going forward!

  8. Those dam woman wearing those hijabs are a disgrace to woman around the world. Same on you bitches. You take us backwards with the sign of oppression to all woman.

    1. Please educated yourself moton… Your literally speaking bullshit without even knowing what your speaking about. Your a prime example of ignorance. It’s hateful women like you who are taking women backwards… Oh the irony. Grow up.

  9. Trudeau is in fact a very dangrous person and a fatal leader! He rides on his fathers rep, but is far too young, inexperienced and is a danger to Canada!…same as Macron in France is now probably getting ousted from office!….I have many friends in Cananda and they are all going to vote against Trudeau, they want him gone!

    I feel the Canadians really have to get this person out of office, he will destroy one of the greatst countries in the world!

  10. That hypocrite had the nerve to hug and pretend to care about yazidi victims who had been raped and moved around from camp to camp as sex slaves and now he’s going to allow the same terrorists who caused these atrocities to come back into our country and live amongst us??? This is madness we need to stand up for our rights and the rights of the victims. Were standing by and doing nothing, shrugging our shoulders and complaining about our idiot leader we need to do something!!!

  11. Hold on to your hats.. .Trudont is desperate for votes after the SNC Lavilin scandal. He’ll be bringing back terrorist of all shapes and sizes trying to keep his job….

    1. The terrorists being Canadian , can vote for him with their entire families of several wives and children.and that is one of his aims. He would never change the laws of citizenship, and lose votes, in order to protect Canadians. He says he wants to replace us because we are of the wrong color and today it is trendy to be darker and hate the ones who are not.All his moralizing statements are Hate speech against Canadians, and extremely racist.

  12. Don’t rely too heavily on the RCMP because the Commissioner is a Trudeau puppet who may not authorize an investigation. If she does, the rank and file will do a proper investigation. It’s getting it past the Commissioner which will be the major hurdle. Look at the debacle in the US regarding upper echelon in the FBI and DOJ when there’s political interference. Their rank and file are honest and hardworking, but upper management is rotten.

  13. Trudeau is lost his thinking power
    Terrorist are worst for example take look at India we have enemy within India it’s hard to handle it

    From india

  14. Should be arrested for harbouring known enemy combatants and chrarged with treason as well. The whole Liberal party needs to be investigated by the RCMP

    1. The RCMP is with Trudy against Canadians . Remember what 2 goons were doing to a woman in Quebec, who insisted on asking a question to Trudeau and he did not want questions that would not favour him, so he totally ignored .The Rcmp were handling the woman as if she didn;t have the right to be where she wanted to be , which was not even close to the Big Clown, who insulted her, instead of answering her question./.The RCMP were not avoiding violence at all They were abusing a citizen that had presented no danger to the Prime Mistake. It was difficult to see, really brutal. CBC and the national corrupt state media were not very interested as usual.

  15. It does not matter who is in power at any given time ……we as canadians have no rights to what and how we as a people should have the basic self determination to live a life worthy toof being Canadian….once they have our votes we as a people cease to exist ….this is what we call democracy at its finest ……we get screwed from all levels of our so called democratic government …..this will not stop until we as a people as a unified people can take back our country…it is up to us

  16. 😂🤣😂🤣 Yet again he makes another move against Canada and lutting our security at risk .. Rhetoricle Goverment we shiuld call them !!! All to look good not to help Canada !!

    1. I’m British but with a heck of a lot of friends in Canada! none of these voted for him, so who the hell did? I’m just curious!

      1. I did because he has fresh new ideas, not like old men, no matter who’s in office, there will always be a problem. Harper was part of the Illuminati, who do you want to see in office?

  17. So, Terrorists can simply say: “TIME OUT” That doesn’t even work on a schoolyard.The government is committing treason by their actions and should be brought to trial themselves. Resident Canadian citizens cannot be treated this way!

  18. I think everyone that is going to vote I say vote for the green party because no one wants the Muslim party of Ontario to be in leadership because that will take all our freedoms away

    1. The Greens have no power . They can help another party get the power and they may not chose to help the right one .In Bc they just fell into the hands of the rabid Communists.. At this point in History ,you have to understand what is going to happen if you favour a Leftist party and they decide to join forces with the other Leftists ,even more extreme. Left and Right have not served us well ,because they traveled to their extremes and became improper for human consumption. The only political position to hold any political and moral virtue is a center party. I think Andrew Scheer is the only one who would not represent any danger to vote for in a strategy to break the flow of corruption that the Libs have nourished ,with their command of the Media, paid with your tax dollars. He is accused of not being Conservative enough, or not Communist enough.Just what we need. He is just the serious worker we may use, till we find some better solutions to our political scene. Ounce Socialists take the power and change basic laws, you become an useful idiot and nothing else. Venezuela is there, for you to see.

  19. This is a Treasonous act upon the Canadian public. Trudeau is bringing them back like they are rock stars….they are viscous killers without a heart or soul…..this is wrong in sooooo many ways..

  20. Just another smug public display of Trudeau’s constant and dolt-idly ignorance of ‘LOL BHAAAAHAHA AHA HA IN YOUR FACE CANADA’ yet it’s allowed we’ve already given the go at destroying Canada. the real question is Canada?….what really is Canada today?? and can anyone really explain what a Canadian is???? …as to why we’ve allowed such idiocy make such an impact that rudely affected Canada as whole to create and still make such blatantly crude society changing choices is beyond way beyond stupiduty SERIOUSLY WTF IS THE POINT I EVEN HAVING IMMIGRATION CENTRES OR CANADIAN BORDER CROSSINGS???? FOR REAL!!! WHAT IS THE POINT ACCEPT A HUGE WASTE OF TAX PAYERES MONEY THE WAY IT IS NOW WHAT REALLY IS THE POINT??????????????????????????????? Since Trudeau want to be so accepting etc make him go live over there his done enough damage

  21. I mean seriously people you really, really have to do something!!!! look at Europe! increase in murders, rapes, criminal activity by 300% and thats Angela Merkels own words and estimates. Any wonders England wants OUT??…look at Australia and New Zealand peaceful countries until this muslim immigration started and now they have daily crimes everywhere!….what kind of Canadians are voting Trudeau into power?? it must be old people, lefties, students?…well get them on the right path!….Europe right now has had enough more and more countries are closing borders and increasing strict border control. The Nationalism, populis is now outnumbering the globalist by 10/3… get your act together and DO something before you go through the shear hell that we went through.

  22. Do you actually know who ISIS is? ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE along with many countries including, the USA. There are no Muslims in Isis. Too bad those Isis members had USA army tatoos to identify them. Another fear-mongering, Trudeau hating, drama story.

  23. Why not put my comment up? I’m from Anonymous and I’ve talked to members of Isis, tell the population who they are, you are fear mongering the people!! Stop doing this, Canada is not welcoming back terrorists you fools, what are you starting? Canada doesn’t need this SHIT! SHAME ON YOU!

  24. Well I tell you all! you really want to get rid of this imbecile. He will turn your beautiful country into a shit-hole!….it took just 4 years and Germany, France and Sweden ( last three globalist countries) are today unrecognizable shit-holes!…Angela Merkel, destroyer of Germany got her toyboy Macron with her and they ruined three countries!…now both will soon be gone but the damage is done,as I said earlier and this is according to Merkels interior minister, murders, rapes, etc up some staggering 300% and thats within the last three years!

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