Trudeau Government Prepare To IMPORT ISIS Terrorists From Turkey

A Turkish official told Global News that Turkey was willing to co-operate with the RCMP to repatriate the dozens of Canadians caught by U.S.-backed Kurdish forces during the collapse of ISIS.

The RCMP has been exploring options for bringing the roughly 30 Canadians held by the Syrian Democratic Forces back to Canada. Turkey is considered the preferred route. The Liberal government has said it would be difficult to get the Canadians out of Syria because they could be arrested and charged by authorities in neighbouring Turkey and Iraq.

Such dedication and concern. Not for lower income or homeless Canadians, but rather for ISIS killers and Islamic terrorists. What has Canada become under our miscreant prime minister?

Simply put, Justin Trudeau is weak. The man will not stand up to China’s government and demand Canadians on death row are prevented from being executed.  He does not stand up to any Islamic nation period. What the United Nations wants, he does

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Now, government resources and dollars are being thrown at a gang of ISIS terrorists. Justin Trudeau- no guts, no glory. His finest skill throughout his tenure as PM is pandering to foreign peoples, their governments, and their diaspora communities within our borders. Of this he is an expert.

Based upon four years in office, what conclusion can be made regarding the man’s priorities?  At the pinnacle we find a fervent dedication to Islam, its ideology, its migrants and the terrorist component of the community to be of ultimate importance. Why?

No one asks, and just as crucially–no one answers. Not government, media or academia. Yet, based on behaviour there is little doubt of a total dedication to the cause. If one didn’t know better(we don’t) it is reasonable to state that Justin Trudeau adheres to the Islamic way of life.

In fact, his actions and attitudes are identical to  MP’s such as Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra and Maryam Monsef. Never condemn, always protect. A most curious dynamic for a self- professed Catholic Canadian, eh?


24 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Prepare To IMPORT ISIS Terrorists From Turkey


      1. PET WAS responsible for the success of the oil sands! He worked with Lougheed to increase Canadian ownership in the oil sands and it worked moving ownership up from 5% to 15%. That was the NEP The NEP was an agreement between PET and Lougheed’s crews. The purpose was to increase Canadian ownership of the oil industry which was predominately owned by the US oil consortium.
        This worked, Canadian ownership moved from somewhere around 7 % up to over 20% There was no internet to hash things out on all the Media Reporters who took sides where the cash was. Deep pockets from the US oil consortium put out all the wild stories about the NEP.
        Albertan’s were encouraged to invest in the oil sands by the Conservatives and the stock brokers. Many Albertans mortgaged their homes to start a fledgling business. Interest rates were 7% and 8% at that point. Then massive inflation set in. People were losing their houses or couldn’t sell them because the mortgage rates were up to 25%.
        Then on top of this and at the same time, came a glut on the oil market. The US drew on their reserves to curb the price of oil. (Obama did the same thing recently). And with 2000 miles of new pipelines it is easier to do.
        Now oil companies couldn’t sell their oil, interest rate was beating the families who Mortgage at 8% to start their new business were now asked to pay 25% and yet, they struggled along with the rest of us. Real heroes in my mind. Many went bankrupt loosing home and business. There were several suicides and grievous accidents 
        The NEP did not cause a world sustained drop in oil prices as the US oil companies put out on their BS press lines and blamed everything onto the NEP. There was no internet and the companies with the cash made the news.
        It wasn’t the Liberals nor the NDP or the NEP it was simply the oil industry doing what it does.
        It remains today one of the most manipulated stocks on the market. I wouldn’t touch oil in my portfolio at all.
        Might as well finish this:
        A horde of reporters and cameras were following PET down the train platform shouting questions at him. His reply was no comment. One guy in the scrum offered up a particularly cutting sound bit, a smart entrapment question. and PET threw him the bird.
        That frame was cut out of the film and published in the press as PET flipping Alberta.
        If we had internet and comment things would have turned out very differently.

  1. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals should be charged with Treason and endangering the lives of Canadians not the scum he drags back over any border that will allow him to do so.This is the most corrupt uncaring government I have ever seen.What they have done to this country and continue to do in pathetic.I for one cannot understand why they can continue to do and get away with the corruption this party has done in and to this country and nothing can be done about it.Seems they are untouchable yet the ordinary citizen can be charged for making comments that hurt there feelings.I used to be proud to say I was Canadian now Iam embarrassed.What will e left for our children and grandchildren in this country in 10 years an Islamic State Governed by Sharia Law.

    1. Sharia state is where Trudeau is taking Canada. Perhaps not our entire society, however the entrenchment of Islam and Sharia Law within Canada is the goal of Justin, Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid and others in government.

    2. I am in agreement 150%. We need to take action to throw that bastard out! The government only works for foreigners and not their own. I”m married and my husband is from Ireland. He had his residency but he had spent time in Ireland after becoming a resident. He was here from 2011 to 2016. Yet, because he was gone for 3 years and I had remained here for medical issues, he might have to re-apply for residency because the government claims you would have to be in Canada 730 days in the last 5 years. All he wants to do is renew his permanent residency and yet, here we are with this filthy, corrupt government that allows murderers into this country. I think I will just leave and go to Ireland instead because this is not the Canada I knew

  2. He thinks when the Islamics get what they are trying to achieve he will be safe.. heck no they will hang him just like any of us.. he probably will be one of the first to be killed by his so called friends..

    1. Why do you think trump cares?…. He just dumped some of his illegal immigrants that to Canada, Trump Likes Trudeau’s “We will Take ALL your TRASH” mantra

  3. I do not like how you handle situations for us Canadian citizens Mr. Trudeau!!! Once you are done as PM that will be my happiest moment in time.

  4. Not a word from him when our two men were in the Philippines and had their heads chopped off. Asshole

    1. Trudeau said the weren’t cut off, they were liberated from their bodies by a pack of loving Moslem peaceful bystanders who all just happen to live outside Toronto today.

  5. This asshole needs to go and I can’t wait till he’s voted out in the fall. Andrew sheer needs to send this assholes Trudeau included back to the Middle East. The Muslim refugees comming over now who had nothing to do with ISIS aren’t willing to assimilate and integrate into OUR CANADIAN way of life. The fuck makes anybody think these ISIS asshole will. Justin Trudeau you are a useless fuckin cunt and can’t wait till your gone in the fall.

  6. Boy, it just keeps getting better and better! Is it only me that thinks treasonous bast*rd, when I look at him??

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