Trudeau Government IGNORE “Genocide Levels” As 1,200 Nigerian Christians Murdered

“Over 1,200 Christians were slaughtered in Nigeria in the first six months of 2020, according to a human rights group based there.”

“The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law said the killing of Christians had reached “genocidal” levels, the Nigerian Voice reports.”

Did you know? PM Justin Trudeau and ex-Immigration Minister/Current Somalian Citizen MP Ahmed Hussen have advanced Nigeria to the #6 position in terms of source nations for immigration to Canada.

How entirely fascinating.  CBC has buried mass murder of Christians ANYWHERE in the world– while at the same time promoting Islamic/Black Lives Matter power within the dying Great White North.

Kinda strange, eh? Day after day, Christians in the Middle East and Africa are systemically terminated— while Canadian media push the idea that ours is a “systemically racist” society.

Truth is, Nigeria “kicks Canada’s butt” in terms of the degree of systemic racism. However, informed citizens must come to understand a fundamental of media policy in Canada:

Nigeria is neat. Somalia is swell. Pakistan is pretty. But Canada? Watch out for that bigoted bastard of a nation– they are the WORST. A pile of poppycock, to be sure.

According to news organization WND, the perpetrators are “Islamist militants and members of the predominantly Muslim Fulani group.”

According to Justin Trudeau, Globe & Mail, MP Ahmed Hussen, and Liberal Foreign Minister, Francois Philippe-Champagne, there is no issue in this regard whatsoever.

Talk about HUGE, blatant and obvious bias from Canada’s post-modern communist-infused media. Selective reporting much? Of course it is.

Somewhere along the line within the continuum of Canadian history, a decision was made  to permanently transform national allegience within our country. This media has NEVER exposed to the citizens of Canada:

Once a true supporter of western democratic theory and practise, Canada moved over to a true supporter of communist, fundamentalist Middle Eastern religion, and the rest of a United Nations-oriented program for an erosion of democracy on planet earth.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail–you name the Canadian establishment media organization, and CAP will name an entity which has BURIED the entire transformation from the knowledge of 37.8 Million Canadians.

After which, the CBC inform general society that Canada is an authentic “democratic” nation.



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