Trudeau Govt DISAPPOINTED In Islamic Terrorist Jihadi Jack U.K Citizenship Revocation

Simply the strangest. The government of Justin Trudeau, that is. Jack Letts is a dual citizen British/Canadian man accused of terrorism on behalf of ISIS.

Letts, who grew up in Oxford, U.K., and is commonly known as Jihadi Jack in British media, has been detained in a Kurdish prison for about two years. A Muslim convert, he had travelled to Syria at age 18.

“The government of Canada is aware that the United Kingdom revoked the citizenship of Jack Letts. Terrorism knows no borders, so countries need to work together to keep each other safe.”

Okay- that’s all well and good. Now how about telling Canadians your exact reason for Justin Trudeau’s disappointment regarding the citizenship revocation. What do Mr. Trudeau & Co. not like about it?

Is it because additional pressure may be placed upon Canada to take the terrorist in as a result? Why on earth does Goodale refrain from giving us the rationale for his opinion?

Of this critical element of the equation, CBC offer us nothing. Like wise for CTV. The Globe, Torstar, National Post are thus far silent as the lambs.

Letts’ parents, John Letts and Sally Lane from Oxford, England, have been advocates for their son, arguing he isn’t a terrorist and actually needs Canada’s protection. In June, they were found guilty of funding terrorism when they tried to send Letts money.

What to make of this? Will forthcoming statements shed light on government reasoning for their disappointment? Would not count on it. Therefore, CAP are left to speculate.

Frankly, we are stumped. What is missing from the picture is what Justin Trudeau and Ralph Goodale believe should be done with Jihadi Jack. In CAP’s opinion, it is one giant farce to state the Liberal disagree with the U.K. governments decision without offering an explanation for the opinion.

Truly, it is the height of Liberal arrogance. This government doesn’t so much manage our nation, its economy, and vital institutions. Rather, they appear to believe they OWN Canada.

How Justin Trudeau. How Pierre Trudeau. How pseudo-totalitarian of them. Of course, this is the real Liberals. All the rest– Justin’s obsession with Islam and homosexuality, the virtue-signalling human rights-supporting jive is nothing but an act.

Justin Trudeau is not a prime minister in the traditional sense– he is an actor. Nor is MP Ahmed Hussen an immigration minister in the proper sense. This fellow is much better described as a Third World demographic destroyer of Old School Canada.

MP Randy Boissonault, appointed as LGBT MInister by Trudeau, does not place the health and welfare of gays and transsexuals at the forefront of his portfolio. MP Maryam Monsef. Minister of Status of Women, ignores female genital mutilation, child marriage and Sharia Law. MP Iqra Khalid, elected to work on behalf of all those in her riding, works exclusively for the Nation of Islam.

Getting the picture, folks? A whole lot more would, if only media would publish truth. Naturally, they never will. The Trudeau posse are a fake and fraudulent government working covert, nefarious agendas left, right, and centre within Canadian society.

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Another gem from Goodale: “Canada is disappointed that the United Kingdom has taken this unilateral action to offload their responsibilities.”

What does this even mean? WHY is Goodale disappointed? The U.K. government took “unilateral action,” says the Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada. Can  you imagine?

There is no ruling government in the history of Canada which has ever taken as much unilateral action as the Trudeau government. Examples: Integrating Islam into society. Increasing immigration intake by 30%. Permitting illegal refugees to flock to Canada. Transforming our nation into the homosexual/transgender capital of the western world.

Now THIS is unilateral action on behalf of Canadian government. What more? How about the Multicultural Act of 1988, arguably the most trans-formative piece of legislation in history. This also was a unilateral government decision–not a single Canadian requested the cancellation of Canada’s bi-cultural English & French identity.

And here this Goodale character has the nerve to speak of unilateral government decision-making! The man is a fraud–and so are King Justin and his Merry People-kind Of Cultural Destruction.

Old Stock Canadians–a vote for these fraudsters is a vote for the decimation of everything Canada has stood for since confederation in 1867. Vote for them at your peril.




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  1. Stateless children of citizens by descent
    To qualify, the applicants must: be born outside Canada on or after 1 April 2009; have at least one parent who is a Canadian citizen by descent; meet the residency requirement (1,095 days in four years); Jack Letts was born in 1995.

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