Trudeau Government EXEMPTS Saudi Arabian Oil From Carbon Tax

How come in the middle of a trade spat with the Saudis, Ottawa isn’t even imposing the same taxes and regulations on Saudi oil that it imposes on Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland oil?

If the Liberals are so intent on cutting Canadians’ emissions by imposing a new carbon tax and by creating impossible new environmental standards for the approval of new pipelines, how come they let foreign oil enter the country without subjecting it to the same “green” taxes or the same environmental screening processes?


62 thoughts on “Trudeau Government EXEMPTS Saudi Arabian Oil From Carbon Tax

    1. No because he is buying it from them for his refineries in Quebec

    1. Did you ever hear ” when your dead you don’t know you’re dead, same as when you’re stupid” ha ha that fits Trudeau …

  1. The only people stupider are the 181 Members of Parliament that are supporting him after all his blatant missteps as the leader of this country! He is the laughing stock of the world!!

      1. that’s all the unions and his imported muslims that he has rushed through so they could vote for him In Toronto pissed of at Ford for fixing up everything the lesbian and the liberals screwed up

    1. Why are we stuck with laying and why on earth can Quebec use the oil
      We have in Canada why shop and spend money in another country. This makes me mad. And we have 4 more years of this bs

  2. Trudeau should have all his financials investigated. I would bet that idiot is being paid large sums of cash by all these muslims.

    1. You know he is ! There is no reason other than that to him passing bills and laws that have no benifit to canadians whatsoever and actually are devastating to canada and the Canadian economy.

      1. Lots of people questioning the dumb ass traitor… but he has bought the media like all good little dictators do… so they cover for him by sweeping it under the rug.

      2. Oh they do question him Sean, he just sidesteps, changes the subject and tells us all how awful Stephen Harper was and how awesome his vision for Canada is and that he is the one to bring a new perspective and a better Canada for ALL CANADIANS, I have never heard him answer a direct question properly, that is,..with an answer.\

        1. 100% Agree… exactly what I always said!!. Listening to his beat around the bush crap hurts my teeth 🤬

  3. TRUDUMDUM is just a puppet to Obama, Clinton, and most notoriously, Soros. TRUDUMDUM can’t destroy a country on his own. The aforementioned are pros at this. On Obama’s last week in office he pardoned 1,800 prisoners. How many prospective witnesses against Clinton turned up dead. They claim they were suicides. What about Soros. I read that he puts ads and pays for demonstrators to create problems wherever he wants them to. I WOULD IMAGINE THAT THEY COMPENSATE TRUDUMDUM SELFIES AND GIRLIE SOCKS. AS YOU CAN TELL I HAVE NO REGARD FOR THIS PERSON OR THE LIBERALS WHATSOEVER.

    1. Soros calls the shots for sure. This whole snc thing is a sham, Soros has told Butts to fix it . Trudeau is slipping fast and cant keep his toes out of his mouth. So in steps the paid media breaking the story ,then they all get on the band wagon cutting down Trideau while building up Jody like she is some kind of saint. She dosnt have to say a word the media does it all for her. Liberals will do anything to win. And if she becomes leader b4 the next election were screwed.

  4. At what point do we as Canadians say “hey, our Prime Minister is no longer serving Canadians and he needs to go”.
    Need to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of Canada against him…

    1. He needs to go. He’s a trator to his own Country and Countrymen and Women and he doesn’t give a hoot about us it’s me myself and I.

  5. That’s because Quebec has the highest use of gas and diesel in the country and imports the majority of those resources from Saudi Arabia. This is double standard political betrayal. Does this PM remember he works for all of Canada and not just Quebec.

  6. This is a betrayal of trust. I wonder what underhanded deals the PM is making with the Saudis to throw Alberta under the bus. Someone is getting rich off this scheme and it’s not Alberta.

  7. Ok. I am throwing my hat in the ring for Prime Minister!! I have a degree-not drama however. So I won’t look too cool! It is in Social Work- so atleast count on me to listen lol. Empathy- I would care about what people’s needs are! Apparently I don’t need an Exceptional IQ. But mine is Ok. My son in law had to quit his job in the oil industry as he was about to lose his job! As for going green? We farm – so this spring, green is the color! I know a bit about politics (apparently you don’t have to know too much). If you come with a problem, come with a solution! I like Andrew Sheer, but not tough enough! If someone else wants to run, I will support you. I know we will pay the price for all of this. Anyone in their 20’s and 30’s will really be stuck with getting this country back on track. He absolutely can not get back in……

  8. You have to have a brain to make decisions and when god was passing the brains out he thought a little humming bird brain would be cute and that’s what he got.

  9. Wow a truely amazing collection of dumb asses elected to respond to this post. It would be interesting if each were asked to document what of any value they have contributed to Canadian society before calling the Prime Minister stupid. Alternatively, they could be asked to provide their IQ rating if it is not a negative.

    1. Well Mike, I contributed $40k in federal tax annually for the past several years, I buy locally grown food, I donate food and basic hygiene products regularly to the Royal Canadian Legion, and I consistently support local charities. What do you do when you are not playing keyboard warrior and whacking your pee pee in your mommy’s basement?

  10. Trudeau is a puppet for Quebec…
    SNC Lavalin employs a lot of people in Quebec; a lot of Quebec pensions are invested in SNC; SNC does a LOT of business in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia, so of course Quebec wants to support Saudi Arabia by importing their oil. It’s no surprise that Trudeau supports Saudi Arabia. He’s no idiot, he’s just a puppet and evidently Quebec holds his strings!

  11. Trudeau. Well well. He isn’t stupid. Corrupt, treasonous, a liar and a complete fraud yes but far from stupid. He got what he wanted. Elected and his precious Saudi’s into Canada. He should be held responsible for his involement in this fiasco. God help this country when we are being manipulatied by Saudi money. Who is really incontrol?!!

  12. This is so obvious of the Liberal Government, and it all ties into SNC, they get work from the saudis over the last decade, Canadian Government has a contract to supply $15 Billion Dollars of Personnel Carriers. just one happy group of corrupt companies and Governments. SNC will be left off the hook with a fine and a promise not to do it again, there the top contender for the Vancouver to Langley Sky Train value $ 6.7 Billion Dollars. Rule of law will be shuttled to the side of Business, then we have a two tier justice system in Canada. The cntinoues of the dismantling of Canada by Justin Trudea and the New World Order by the United nations and George Soros and the Elitists of the World.

  13. He’s actually quiet smart…we are dumbasses fir putting him in that chair.
    He’s destroying our future and we are allowing this 🙁

  14. If we were as smart as haiti we would rise against our government amd take our freedom back….. Yes haiti might be poor but they are a free people that when the government fucks up they let them know it also they have managed to stay tax free…. We could do the same if we showed the government who is actually in charge. Remember the government is supposed to work for us the people not the other way around

  15. Trudeau got here because of his last name, and is totally beholding to the Quebec mafia that also supported his father. and coincidentally Saudi Arabia is the beneficiary of his policies because they supply the dollars to the above “boys”..

    Yet the alternatives in October unfortunately are not so hot either.

    So ?

  16. I am starting to see our country breaking up. Albertaland, Saskland etc. If oil from another place is different from ours, no equalization payments,. JT is doing as much damage as he can do before he’s out the door.

  17. By far the worst Prime Minister Canada has ever had, it will take years for the new government to get back on track, can’t wait.

  18. I wish he’d go and live in one of the countries that he loves so much and cares more about than he does Canada.

  19. You must remember Trudeau does not have any real power he is just a low level capo in the liberal cartel

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