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Establishment Media In Canada DENY Justin Trudeau’s Islamic Conversion

While validation of Trudeau’s conversion remains elusive, it is entirely factual that since the day Justin Trudeau became PM, he has consistently supported, funded and indemnified the Islamic faith within our borders. NOT SO for the Christian faith-or any other major religion in Canada.

Top Canadian Journalist Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Buying Canadian Media To Win Election

CBC and National Post columnist Andrew Coyne stated Justin Trudeau’s $600 million media bail-out will “irrevocably politicize the press” and urged journalists to boycott the panel. Surprising that Mr. Coyne, one of Canada’s pre-eminent journalists, would bite the hand that feeds him.

Does Justin Trudeau Really Work On Behalf Of English Canada?

It certainly appears he does not. Bombadier, SNC- Lavalin, Davie Shipyards–all located in Quebec, all preferred Trudeau corporations. So much so our Liberal government ended up  being implicated for a series cover-ups, abuses of power and flagrant nepotism.

Canadian State Broadcaster CBC Promotes Transgenderism For Children With Film Clip

Child star Nemis (a.k.a. Queen Lactatia), 9, lives in Montreal, and with the help of his “momager,” he loves pushing boundaries, from selling his merch at a local fetish store to judging a vogue ball in a downtown bar.