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Why Canadian Media Do Not Report NEGATIVE OUTCOME of Immigration Policy Upon “Old Stock” Canada

Are these Canadian-educated not the supposed “intelligencia” of Trudeau’s “post-modern society? If so, why do they refrain from entertaining the notion of the FUTURE of our nation from a demographic perspective?

Of Course “Covid-19 Queen” Dr.Teresa Tam Is PRO-CHINA She Works For Justin Trudeau

If Justin Trudeau—who selected China as a personally preferred nation— is in charge of selecting the individual to oversee Covid-19, this person BY DEFAULT will be sympathetic to communist China

Why Canada’s Weak Covid-19 Response? Trudeau WORKS FOR CHINA

When government and media function as a SINGLE UNIT, a nascent communism has arrived in Canada. Expect much more as the covert transition from a free and democratic society continues its path toward the globalist goal– Canada as a SOCIALIST nation-state, in perpetuity.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau.

Open Border Canada: Trudeau Policy To Result In MILLIONS OF JOB LOSSES

There is no question that the individual Canadian citizen who has MOST FERVENTLY pushed a sovereignty-eroding “open border society” is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

So why doesn’t CBC elucidate this to the Canadian people? Simple Answer: Because Trudeau and the Liberals DO NOT WANT THEM TO.

Canadian MAJORITY Say Trudeau Goes “Too Far To Accommodate Minorities”

Immigration quotas? MAJORITY are opposed. Refugee policy? Again, a MAJORITY of citizens are opposed. Illegals, Citizenship for convicted terrorists? Once again, a MAJORITY stand in opposition…while Trudeau does the exact opposite.

Justin Trudeau Supports, Finances African HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATING Dictatorship Rwanda

In 2015, Kabarebe was arrested in London under a Spanish indictment for WAR CRIMES committed between 1990 and 2002 in Rwanda, including the murder of two QUEBEC PRIESTS.

Trudeau Government Attempt COMMUNIST-STYLE Canadian Media Crackdown

From Cultural Action Party of Canada’s point-of-view, it was inevitable that Justin Trudeau would emulate COMMUNIST-STYLE media control in Canada. In fact, it was only a matter of time.

CBC, Islamic Activists Brand CANADA RACIST On World Hijab Day

Canada’s anti-racism measures–including the Islamic-skewed M103 motion, are not good enough. Fact, or non-fact: these types are 100% insatiable. Nothing is good enough, more must be done, and btw…Canada is a racist, bigoted and Islamo-phobic nation.

RCMP, Media DENY Canadian Connection For Source Of Coronavirus

Dr Xiangguo Qiu, who helped develop a treatment for the Ebola virus, her husband Keding Cheng, a biologist who has published papers on coronavirus strains such as SARS-CoV, had their SECURITY ACCESS REVOKED for Canada’s only level-4 lab, a facility equipped for research on the DEADLIEST DISEASES.

Trudeau Government Employing Totalitarian MEDIA CONTROL Measures

Such is state-of-the-nation as the Trudeau government continue to utilize establishment media to fool, trick and deceive the people of Canada into believing we are living under something other than an ersatz totalitarian government.