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Socialism Pending: Trudeau Minority Government MORE POWERFUL Than Majority Government

The Conservative Party of Canada versus…The Liberals, United Nations, China, Islam, Sikhism, Africa, American environmentalism and international banking(George Soros).

This, in CAP’s humble opinion, is why Canada is FINISHED as a democratic nation.

Why Canadian Media Work For China, Sikhism, Islam And NOT FOR CANADA

Canada as a nation has been hi-jacked by Justin Trudeau. With each passing day, the people of Canada are lied to, deceived and propagandized by CBC into believing the Trudeau government are working on behalf of the 37.7 Million citizens of our nation.

Justin Trudeau Rolls Out Immigration Program To DEFEAT All Conservative- Held Ridings in Canada

Now, Trudeau and his motley gang of cultural assassins are after every rural Canadian riding in existence. How to accomplish this? In theory, it is very simple: Replicate the demographic assault on urban Canada within rural Canada.

Justin Trudeau Sent $400 Million To World’s FASTEST GROWING Economies in 2018

Report on the world’s fastest growing economies:

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa and is a one-party state with a planned economy. Trudeau Tax-payer fund transfer to Ethiopia in 2018: $198 MILLION DOLLARS.

Why Justin Trudeau- Brand “Liberalism” Is In REALITY Pseudo-Totalitarianism

“[The people of Canada ]are liberals in the true sense of the word — steady, reasonable, fair-minded, hard-working people who believe in freedom of speech and in the idea that the same rules should apply to everyone.” Justin Trudeau DISAGREES.

Are Trudeau’s Liberals A Reverse Racist, Anti-Anglophone Government?

Multiculturalism in Canada lies at the heart of Cultural Action Party of Canada’s messaging to common-sense Canadians. From CAP’s perspective, this government policy happens to be punitive in nature.

Hidden “Terrorist-Friendly” Visa Entry Program SPIKED Once Justin Trudeau Became PM

Six months before he made a refugee claim in Toronto, Canadian security officials deemed retired Brig.-Gen. Khaled Saber Abdelhamed Zahw “inadmissible” to Canada because of national security concerns.

Trudeau 2.0– “Orwellian” Freedom Of Speech CRACKDOWN In Canada Coming Your Way

The letter does not define “hate speech,” nor does it suggest Guilbeault must work to come up with a definition. While the Criminal Code defines it with a very high threshold, the government has entertained efforts to regulate online hate speech through human rights law instead.

Fall of Canadian Christianity: 9000 Churches To CLOSE In Next Ten Years

A national charity that works to save old buildings estimates that 9,000 religious spaces in Canada will be lost in the next decade, roughly ONE THIRD of all faith-owned buildings in the country.

Trudeau, Liberals PUSH BACK On Establishing China-Canada Investigation Committee

Now here is an area of politics CAP has covered for decades–the unspoken, covert relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist nation of China.