Sold To China: 50% of Covid-19 Cases Found In Canadian ELDERLY CARE Facilities

“Nearly half of all coronavirus-related deaths in Canada happen in long-term care homes, and the number is only expected to increase, chief public health officer Theresa Tam said Monday.”

“These deaths will continue to increase, even as the epidemic growth rate slows down” utters entirely “sketchy” Dr. Teresa Tam, former Hong Kong residents, and the person PM Justin Trudeau has tasked as the “overseer” of China’s latest bio-disease output in Canada, Covid-19.

What has Dr. Tam eschewed within her finding? Try the following:

Earlier this year, Delores Broten and others wrote letter after letter complaining about the treatment of their loved ones in a chain of B.C. retirement homes.

But they didn’t bother addressing any letters to the owners of the company. “It would’ve been a waste of postage,” said the 71-year-old Broten.

That’s because the company that runs her husband’s care home is owned by the government of China. “Of course, the Chinese government sees the homes as just one of their many global investment holdings,” she said.

Rather enlightening, no? Check this out:

“Canada’s first coronavirus death was a man in his 80s, a resident of Lynn Valley Care Centre in North Vancouver. Currently, 21 B.C. care homes including Dufferin Care Centre, which is part of the Retirement Concepts chain, have a combined total of 266 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 47 deaths.” 

“In 2016, Pacific Reach Properties brokered a deal to sell the Retirement Concepts chain to Anbang Insurance Group, a Chinese holding company, in a move approved by the Canadian government in 2017.”

Note that in 2017, a certain Justin Trudeau was the ruling prime minister of Canada.

“Two years later, on Feb. 23, 2019, Chinese government regulators seized all of Anbang’s global assets. Anbang’s former chairman, Wu Xiaohui, had been facing fraud charges in China, and Chinese officials said a government takeover of the company’s assets was necessary to avoid insolvency.”

Retirement Concepts had previously received numerous complaints about the treatment of residents.

Pacific Reach Properties, a Vancouver-based company, is the former owner of Retirement Concepts. Following the sale of Retirement Concepts to Anbang, Pacific Reach Properties remains responsible for overseeing and operating Retirement Concepts facilities.

“The Chinese government is the sole owner of Retirement Concepts through its Cedar Tree Investment Canada portfolio, according to legal documents seen by the Toronto Star.”

Holy Crow–quite the convoluted, sketchy story of Old Folks Homes for elderly Canadians. You know what CAP call this? Typical Trudeau–that’s what.

Talk about an incredible tale of woe resulting from the Chinese government’s giant investment into the Canadian “Old Folks” Home industry.

And as if this wasn’t enough, this Dr. Teresa Tam is somewhat of a mystery individual. Here is what a European-Canadian media group has to say about her:

“Who is this woman now in charge of providing the “chief” medical information concerning Canada’s lockdown? Where did she come from? There is very little available on her biography, very little personal and even professional information on Dr. Teresa Tam.”

Council Of European-Canadians state that after thorough investigation, they could not find the following information:

  • Her date of birth
  • Her place of birth (other than “raised in Hong Kong”)
  • The dates of her various degrees – they went into the UBC and U of Alberta websites looking for alumni profiles.
  • There are no listings of her theses and dissertation.

Hidden By Govt, Media:  Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered Just DAYS AFTER Justin Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

Isn’t that something, eh? Did Justin Trudeau purposely plant a Sino-centric medical professional in charge of China’s bio-warfare program?

It is all so damn murky, isn’t it?  Yet, for CAP, this entire scenario is no surprise in the least. As we have maintained from day one, the Liberal Party of Canada and the Communist Government of China are “joined at the hip.”

Think this to be another bout of paranoia from our organization? Judge the situation for yourself–we cannot force people to believe what we publish.

Yet, for astute Canadian political observers–those who refuse to “buy” the propaganda served up by CBC and the rest, there may be some concrete concepts here that Trudeau’s socialist media slaves refuse to report.

Is China wholly responsible for 50 % of our Covid cases occurring in Elderly Care Home facilities? We cannot confirm one way or the other.

Yet one point we will stand by till the cows come home–if there are any left in Alberta– China is a nation which indulges in “social engineering.” So to–in our subjective opinion–do the ruling Trudeau Liberals.

Is there an agenda to “knock off” our elderly to make way for what King Justin branded “post-modern” Canada? Not out of the question for our organization. Perhaps the Corona debacle is “Phase 2” after Justin entrenched Euthanasia policy within society in 2016?

These days, who really knows?




2 thoughts on “Sold To China: 50% of Covid-19 Cases Found In Canadian ELDERLY CARE Facilities

  1. So,
    China releases a man-made virus.
    China lies about the virus, misleads other countries, the virus spreads.
    China supplies the face masks (likely with more viruses)
    China owns elder-care facilities 
    Elder-care facilities get 50% of COVID cases
    Canadian government keeps relatives out of elder-care facilities so that the elderly can be neglected, abused and depopulated without any witnesses.

    Any questions?

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