NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Recommends ERODING British Heritage of Canada

NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh:

“I don’t see the relevance of it[ties to Britain], and I don’t think that most Canadians do,” Singh said in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period.


My, my–yet another presumptuous cultural destroyer informs Canadians WHAT CANADIAN CITIZENS BELIEVE. And here CAP thought King Justin Trudeau was the only one.

40 thoughts on “NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Recommends ERODING British Heritage of Canada

  1. Well, that is his point of view, and he is entitled to express his point of view. I, on the other hand, hold a different opinion, and I, too, am entitled to express my point of view. If, for the sake of argument, we were to say that British heritage is NO LONGER relevant in Canada — I say “no longer” because it was VERY relevant right up until the 1970s –, then why is Indian culture, dress, customs, etc. any more relevant in Canada now? Indian heritage has a far shorter history in Canada. If we are to jettison British heritage, then he should jettison Indian heritage, too, so we can meet half way. He, clearly, has NO intention of doing so. Does he honestly and truly think this is going to work? This sort of blind arrogance does not seem to work very well in India where various self-righteous groups commit heinous crimes against one another on a frequent basis. I doubt if this attitude will be any more successful in Canada. I suggest he may want to re-consider his opinion (not terribly “inclusive”, is he?). Hypocrisy has never been well received in Canada. One last comment: I will NOT be voting NDP as long as he is the “leader” of the party.

    1. Jagmeet has a lot of nerve to speak on behalf of Canadians. He does not represent the opinions of MILLIONS of Canadians who value our British Heritage. Stated plainly, he should shut the hell up.

        1. Trudeau hates English Canada because of our country’s colonial nature. Justin is pathological in his mental illness–which includes the decimation of English Canada.

    2. I agree we “Canadians” are too passive and the “insert name of country” – Canadians are aggressive in changing Canada into what they want it to be. Canada’s culture and heritage are founded on our British, French and the first Nations people’s. True Canadians have advocated for and protected the human rights of all cultures in Canada. Now the pendulum has swung the other way in which those very cultures, that true Canadians have protected want to erase ours. Statements like this from eastern, western, Asian representatives promote angst and racism from a protectionist point of view. We are and will always be multicultural, unfortunately now there are loud cultures wanting to dominate the other quiet ones. The true Canadians need to embrace their game, so from now on I will be a Dutch-Canadian rather than Canadian or true Canadian. We need advocate groups for the other 193 country-Canadians to show them that the other “insert name of country”-Canadians do not want to be dominated by having their heritage erased.

    3. He is saying most Canadians! That is a presumption that he hasn’t backed up with any data. So it is not just his Opinion. He is making it sound like he is speaking for most Canadians. I know for sure he is not SPEAKING FOR ME. That is the problem today. Politicans and MSM making Statements with proof to back up Their Claims.

      1. i suppose I really don’t have a right to comment being British. But their is this growing trend on a number of fronts that is very worrying. Firstly, internal hatred. So, what do I mean by this? Well, we now have a new generation growing up who are being taught to hate their countries, hate Christianity not helped by snowflake bishops, hatred of the police not also helped just lately by bending the knee to a criminal, hated of a social structure because they are to busy being self indulgent but not all.
        Now touchy one here. When you allow other people into your country you expect them to respect your countries traditions, culture and heritage. Unfortunately because of diversity people come into your country and straight away start tearing it down. But you mustn’t say anything because your a racist.
        Other cultures do add to the richness of society but please respect your new home.
        Now as we’ve seen with all this Marxist thuggery a small minority have decided that they are going to tell the majority what they do and don’t want. And sadly, because the young are so shallow these days they just follow like lambs to the slaughter not understanding the real consequences of their actions.
        Now you cannot rewrite history thou some are doing their hardest to do so. What happened happened and every country has its roots. The British before we became British just about had the known world either invade us or raided our shores and its what made our nation that’s a fact of life and you cannot change that. We don’t go around saying wipe out Roman, Norman or Viking history its what made us. Yes we have moved on from those days but here’s the important part up until recently we acknowledged that is what made us.
        Like Canada your country is moving ahead but your foundations are British your basic legal system, the traditions of your armed forces and so much more so why destroy it.
        Now I know many don’t like Donald Trump and to be frank he does come over as a pillock but he made a very valuable point when he said ‘nobody asks you to come here, nobody makes you come here but don’t come here but if you hate America that much you don’t have to stay find somewhere and so on. And he’s absolutely right but politicians of a certain leaning Left.seem to thing its their mission in life to tear everything down and once you’ve done that what are you then left with a vacuum, a new world order or worst still a new form of oppression. I deeply love Canada you have been such a loyal and wonderful friend and partner to the UK it would be a great shame to see that link broken and destroyed forever.

        1. Thanks for this commentary–it makes good sense–therefore you know a Liberal-Snowflake will never accept it.– Brad

      2. Gerald your comment makes good sense–therefore certain to be thrown in trash by Liberal-Globalist self-hating fools.

  2. Excuse me but who the hell are you to come here and try to wipe out our history we will do no such thing the part of Who We Are you don’t like it on well maybe we should get clear of you in our history our history our country like it or lump it it is what it is and staying that way

  3. Figures that he would have a very straight forward opinion about it. However, when asked about some concrete and actual present changes, he is lost and unsure. Beside, him with turban and all – doesn’t represent Canada in any way, shape and form. Vote Maxime Bernier!

  4. My goodness! I’m not being racist or anything because apparently white people are the only ones you can be ” racist” against nowadays. But my thoughts are if you don’t like it here go back to your home country, we’ve got a pretty good country here. I’m amazed sometimes that people struggle so hard to get to Canada because of what we have to offer and then try to change everything … it’s frustrating!

  5. Sorry but that’s what happens when you allow people in who do not share your heritage or culture. If I became a Canadian citizen I would embrace the Canadian way of life not start saying I don’t like and I don’t like that. My answer to these people is “if you don’t like it here go find somewhere were you don’t have to put up with the way we live”. The trouble is all these left wing pinkco liberals who seem to want to destroy their own country we have the same problem here with too many minorities having to much say.

  6. Not at all what he said. Im not a supporter of his but this is a clickbait article. HE was talking about the removing the monarchy which has been a subject of debate in this country for years

  7. I have spoken to East Indians that have emigrated to Canada from India. It’s a corrupt country. They would not return. Corruption is the norm. Is that the standard he’s implying we go to. The Canadian system is by far one of the best in the world. That’s a dangerous statement he’s implying. We only have a few systems in the world. The western democratic system has been the most successful thus far. I’m not sure he knows what he is talking about.

  8. Canada is losing it`s sovereignty under Trudeau. He is not interested in traditional Canadian values and is more inclined to bring in more anti Canadian immigrants to sponge off of the hard working Canadians and take advantage of our economic and social programs in order to take over our country.

  9. Jagmeet Singh
    Please pay attention .
    Canada’s culture and heritage are founded on our British heritage . We were founded as a country under British law rules and policy . It is our culture and in Canada we protect the cultures of everyone . As a politician you should know this . I think if you feel this way and have suggested it . You should resign as your party leader and leave politics . This is offensive . Imagine if someone said you can’t have, feel or believe in your personal family culture anymore . And you want to do this to a hole country unbelievable

    1. Singh is a Canada hater like Justin Trudeau. Neither are Canadians of Anglophone heritage, and more than likely, Trudeau is not a Christian, but rather a cult follower of a supremacy-oriented so called “religion.”

    2. And this turban head leader if the NDP is a born here Canadian with Indian parents,you may be born here but you live by your parents views they have taught you well,maybe take them @nd yourself to India if you don’t like it here,will never federally vote for you.

  10. That what happens when you let foreigners become majority in your cities…. “Foreigners” I mean by mentality but not the origins. Origins do not matter, as long as people share the same values and mentality. I do not understand why people coming to Canada if they do not like Canadian heritage, life style and values, why do they come in the first place? I would think that someone who left his original place had a reason for that and not because it was better there, wasn’t it? And if so, one should be grateful to the country that is better than your original one and embrace the heritage and values of Canada, as that what made this country better than yours. Canada should be selecting people based on that criteria too, but not only how much money they can bring and how good education they have, and also promote and explain to the newcomers the values and heritage of the country. Then , and only then, we will not have “leaders” that want to build their original failed lifestyles on the Canadian soil, replacing Canadian values, heritage and mentality by the provenly failed ones, just because that what they understand or worse… Unfortunately, today’s Canadian immigration policies do not support that approach and erode everything that made our country so great, putting at risk all values and achievements…

    1. The Liberal Party of Canada hate Canadian heritage and history–so why wouldn’t
      millions of Canucks–as well as trash like Jagmeet Singh.

      The roots of this hatred are found in Pierre Trudeau and his anti-white Multiculturalism ideology. This was the beginning of our nation’s slow decent into self-hatred–and it has never let up since

  11. There are three original heritage groups in this country that matter and of any historical relevance in our country are the first Nations people’s, the British and the French. All the rest come later and have no historical relevance whatsoever. So suck it Mr Singh and bug off.

  12. The more you give these immigrants the more they want.As a franco ontarian ,I have seen the injustices done to my forefathers by the british after they won the war in the plains of Abraham in Québec .They expelled the Acadians to Louisiana ,They tried to suppress the métis by hanging their leader.They even tried to close our schools ,but we always fought back. In the end we needed to stand together and find a consensus.I would rather live under our present system than anywhere else in the world,thanks.No offense Mr Singh but where else in the world would a police force let you wear a turban riding a cavalry horse?

  13. I think Singh is a friggin idiot. Who do you think built this once (before the trudeaus) great nation of ours. Get them ALL out of our government. trudeau, singh and their respective cabals!!

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