Liberal Govt Director Azam Ishmael Calls For Action Against Anti-Trudeau Statements

Turns out that  “Diversity Is Our Strength” is a misplaced motto. A more appropriate phrase would be “Accuse the other of that which you yourself indulge in.”

This concept, borrowed from fascist governments of the 20th century, encapsulates the essence of Liberal-Globalist hypocrisy. Witness as Liberal Government National Director Azam Ishmael whines about so-called conservative propaganda, while in the meantime  the Trudeau government are the most propaganda-oriented political party in Canadian history.

On a more simplistic level, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are the most CONTROLLING government in history. Their reach into the private lives and homes of average Canadians in unprecedented. The Liberals are working to control every aspect of media– the mainstream, alternative media, as well as social media.

In regards to the latter, Trudeau & Co. want all anti-Liberal messaging to be monitored, and removed if it does not comply with their standards. That is, Trudeau standards.  Not Social Media Community Standards. Not adherence to hate speech laws, or breaches of the Canadian Criminal Code.

CAP conclusion: Justin Trudeau wants to OWN Canada. The man wants to control the minds of 37 million Canadians. As it happens,  desperate need for control is a fundamental of narcissistic  personality disorder. It is a sure-fire sign of a megalomanic in action.

Canada Proud is an offshoot of Ontario Proud, which was a major player in the last provincial election, mainly attacking the Ontario Liberals and New Democrats. Both were started by former Conservative political staffer Jeff Ballingall, who has been open in the past about the groups’ mission to defeat Liberals all over the country.

The groups have worked less on persuading undecided voters and more on activating conservative-minded voters’ enthusiasms with online ads, viral videos and shareable memes. Besides the fundraising pitch, the emails the Liberals are complaining about include a video criticizing Justin Trudeau, urging recipients to share it online as much as possible.

Liberal Government National Director Azam Ishmael’s solution? Work to discover an impropriety for the purpose of shutting up these anti-Liberal non-profit organizations.

My concerns are twofold,” says a letter signed by  Azam Ishmael. “First, I am concerned that B.C. Proud has incurred partisan activity expenses in excess of $500, triggering the immediate requirement for registration” as a third-party federal campaigner.

“Second, I am equally concerned that Canada Proud and B.C. Proud are sharing resources in such a way that may enable either or both of these third parties to circumvent the maximum spending limit applicable to third parties during the pre-election period.”

CAP do not believe this man. The financial improprieties are not the main issue at play. They are simply a means to an end. What is the bottom-line objective here? To MUZZLE those who disagree with Trudeau’s ideological agenda for the transformation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

READ MORE: Justin Trudeau Censors Criticism of Islam To Appease Muslim Brotherhood Says Canadian Professor

Anyone else notice how the muzzling agenda of the Trudeau government continues to ramp up as the federal election date gets closer? Mainstream media, alternative media(Rebel-type) and social media– all under growing pressure from the censors within our Liberal government.

“Everything that we’ve done complies with both the letter and the spirit of the law,” said Ryan O’Connor, a director of Canada Proud who is also the lawyer for both it and B.C. Proud. “The complaint is frivolous and without merit and we’re happy to respond to the commissioner of Canada elections.”

These statement could be the stone-cold truth, but this makes no difference to the Liberal-Globalist-Islamic-Communist Liberal Government of Canada. Consider the following:

As many are aware, Mr. Trudeau brands as racists Canadians who question or oppose immigration, multicultural and refugee policy. For Justin, this distinction is not based on Canadian Hate Law, the Criminal Code, or any accepted definition of racism according to the Oxford Dictionary et al.

No, the definition is whatever Justin Trudeau says it is. Therefore, logically speaking, our PM is eschewing Canadian law for the purpose of demonizing Old Stock Canadians.

You see, the Liberals are at war. This battle has nothing to do with guns, tanks, geographical conquest, or any other traditional form of warfare. This war is a post-national confrontation– it is an IDEOLOGICAL war. It is fought with rhetoric, propaganda, media manipulation, border-erosion, and the empowerment of Islamic and communist forces within our society.

Therefore, the attitude of Trudeau, Azam Ishmael, MP Ahmed Hussen, and other Liberals is that free speech must be curtailed. If Canadians criticize Trudeau, punitive damages will result.

In which other nations is this a social standard? United States? Britain, France, Germany? Like Canada, the phenomenon may not be fully in place yet, but it is coming on fast.

Rather, it is communist, theocratic, socialist nations in which condemnation of government can be considered a CRIME. Now, Justin Trudeau has brought this to Canada.

This is the true Justin Trudeau, and his army of globalist culture-killers. If Trudeau and media successfully fool Canada into electing him for a second term, the loss of freedom and democracy will ramp up even further.

Justin Trudeau is a walking and talking automaton of anti-Canadian globalist seduction.





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  1. Perhaps Liberal Government Director AZAM would like to put his own visage on the net so we could throw some shade at him too and give him something to really complain about?

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