Justin Trudeau MUZZLES Christian Non-Profit “Campaign Life Coalition”

For the first time in more than a decade-and-a-half, voters will not have access to the voting records of politicians in a database maintained by Campaign Life Coalition, on issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage and assisted suicide when deciding how to cast their ballots in the upcoming federal election.

Changes to third-party advertising rules mean that should various groups engage in political activity — or activity seen as political — they risk triggering a section of the Elections Act that imposes a number of reporting and spending requirements on their actions during the election.

Campaign Life Coalition, which champions socially conservative values, discovered in mid-June that their advocacy, even in the form of a voting database, might trigger those third-party advertising rules, explained Jack Fonseca, the director of political operations, and shut it down by the end of the month.

“Clearly we recognize that this is an attempt by Justin Trudeau, as he’s been doing in a variety of other ways, to rig the election,” said Fonseca.

“I think Trudeau knows very well that left-wing groups … will not be investigated, only the groups on the groups on the right, the conservative groups, the pro-life and pro-family groups. The left-wing groups are going to get a free pass.”

An accurate assessment, no doubt. Considering the favouritism PM Trudeau directs toward left-wing media, there is little doubt a similar dynamic applies to his latest muzzling of those he opposes ideologically.

Previous to the Liberal’s commie-style crackdown, the position of MP’s regarding critical social issues such as a candidate’s opinion on abortion, same-sex marriage and assisted suicide were made available to the public. After King Justin seized control of the consciousness of  Canadian society, Trudeau initiated amendments to the Federal Elections Act, resulting in the suppression of MP candidate opinion.

How Justin Trudeau is this? Campaign Life Coalition support Christian religious principles. They do not promote Sikhism, Islam, or Transgenderism. CLC are Pro-Life. Therefore, regarding this case– and virtually all Christian not-for-profit organizations in Canada, Justin Trudeau is PRO-DEATH— or at least the “death” of what they have to say.

Since day one CAP has maintained a consistent opinion on our PM’s attitude toward the Christian faith. Based on careful observation,  distribution of tax-payer funds, as well as punitive damages toward small town churches and bible camps, CAP conclude that Justin Trudeau dislikes Christians and their faith very much.

An omni-present supporter of all elements of Islamic ideology–inclusive of Charter-breaching Sharia Law— Mr. Trudeau had the nerve to hand the immigration minister portfolio to a religious supremacist from Somalia--half citizen drop-in refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Additionally, he handed important government portfolios to under-qualified half-citizen Islamic politicians. First time MP, Maryam Monsef, hails from Iran. Or Afghanistan. We don’t really know for sure– and no one in government bats an eyelash at the fact. Then there’s Deputy Foreign Minister, MP Omar Alghabra–another half- Canadian– this time from Saudi Arabia. He who began his career in Canada as a donut salesman has been placed in charge of all Canadian Consulate Offices world-wide.

Finally, M103 “Islamophobia” founder, MP Iqra Khalid. She is a half-Canadian from Pakistan. While Pakistan commits some of the greatest human rights travesties on the planet, Khalid specializes in running down Old Stock Canada, branding us racist and bigoted. She has been so successful that she was able to push through  government motion elevating her religion above all others within society. Nice work, Khalid.

Do these folks hate Christianity as much as Trudeau does? Hussen certainly makes the grade. As for the rest, it may not be malevolence which motivates them, but rather an insular, myopic and ethnocentric vision of Canada which new arrivals often maintain until they learn how to make an essential distinction:

Multiculturalism is loved by government. Immigration policy is created by government. In no way does this suggest the general public SHARE this sentiment. Keep in mind that the people of Canada had ZERO say in the formation of these policies. Therefore, why would one assume all Canadians agree?

Here is why– because government propagandize our citizenship into believing diversity is a core value for all Canadians. CAP maintain this to be fiction. Millions of Canadians disagree with the high perch Third World Canada has been placed upon by Trudeau, Hussen, Butts and the rest

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Hence, government/media VERSUS the people. This is street-level Canada– not Liberal government, media or academic Canada. Together, these institutions have created the illusion that “diversity” is Canada’s strength. Don’t believe the hype– it is a  giant myth.

CAP bottom-line: A Liberal-Trudeau government is an anti-Christian government. This entity is pro-communist(China, Cuba) by its own admission–Justin has stated this flat-out. So has his commie brother, Alexandre. Father Pierre was the source, he being of the “globalist before it was cool” variety. Papa’s Harvard dissertation was entitled “Christianity and Communism”— a rather telling sign.

All this is eschewed by establishment media. Pourquoi? Because if Canadians properly understood the situation, Trudeau would have as much chance of winning a second term as Saddam Hussein would have had in a campaign to become Pope.

Simply stated, a Trudeau government is an anti-Christian, pro-Islamic government. Good thing King Justin informed Canada this was to be the case if the cretin was elected the first time around. Now, as Justin guns for a second term as pseudo-dictator of Canada, media once again assist by neglecting information critical to voter decision-making.

And here some people still refer to Canada as a “democracy.”








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