Justin Trudeau Informs Church Minister Religious Christians Are “Worst Part Of Society”

According to a clause introduced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pro-life Christians are barred from federal funding unless they support a woman’s right to an abortion.

“I have met Justin Trudeau three times,” said Pastor Steve Long, a Canadian Baptist minister. “Sadly my last meeting with him in his office was very disappointing. He told me that evangelical Christians were the worst part of Canadian society.”

Trudeau’s enmity toward Christians is not solely against evangelicals. Canada under Trudeau has also become a very unwelcome place for Christians who flee from persecution in the Middle East.

Over 30,000 Syrian refugees were brought to Canada in an expedited manner and found themselves immediately taken care of by the Trudeau government. In the meantime, mass murder to the point of genocide of Christians has occurred within a number of Islamic nations. Trudeau has not breathed a word about the situation. Government assistance for the victims has been casual and minimal.

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When questioned on his religious affiliations, Mr. Trudeau claims to be a Catholic. Yet inexplicably, his behaviour displays not an ounce of Christian identity or adherence to Christian values. It’s all so damn strange. In fact, his behaviour toward Christianity is downright punitive. Pushing mass abortion and euthanasia. Cancelling funding for church groups. Ignoring Christian persecution within foreign nations. Running down evangelicals.

If this is the behaviour of a believing Christian, than perhaps Osama Bin Laden deserved to be appointed Pope. Is Trudeau a practising Christian. or has another religious way of life captured his imagination? Either way, the man is as mystery of a prime minister– made all the more mysterious by establishment media obfuscation of his character and personal believe system.

Perhaps the truth will be revealed once Justin is removed from office, which according to current polls, is likely to be the case come the October, 2019 election. Thank God for this.


Founder, Cultural Action Party Of Canada.

71 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Informs Church Minister Religious Christians Are “Worst Part Of Society”

  1. Christians the most persecuted religion in this world! Why is our Prime Minister so pro Muslim and anti Christian? For the good of this country let’s pray he is not re elected!

    1. Pray if you want,but that won’t help much, you have to get out and VOTE against Trudeau and make sure everyone you know does the same.

        1. Passive prayer is passive. People who know how to pray and aren’t too lazy to work at it, change the world.

        2. You understand nothing about prayer if you think that. Prayer can be extremely proactive and effective. I have seen many answers to prayer in my lifetime. But I agree with Don Morris that we also have to get out and vote because that is how the prayer will be answered when people vote for the right people.

          1. Nothing wrong with prayer, however it is a passive activity. Do we see the globalist destroyers behaving in a passive manner? Far from it, Diane.

          2. Brad, I couldn’t find a way to reply to your specific reply to me, so I will answer you here. You may believe prayer is passive, and I agree that the prayers some people pray are passive. But perhaps you have had no experience with spiritual warfare, and it is in this manner we fight the evil forces coming against us and it is how we eventually rout them. We can move mountains with prayer. Situations can be absolutely turned around by prayer. I have seen it myself. I believe it completely. If you could hear some of the people in my prayer group pray, you would see no passivity in their prayers. Prayers that reach the heart of God bring changes in the hearts of people and changes in their actions. If all of the true Christians in Canada would pray this way, we would see great change for the good. Herein is the problem: many do not even pray let alone pray with victory. But that cannot be an excuse for those of us who are prayer warriors to leave off praying no matter how desperate the situation looks. Sometimes there are physical things we can do. Then we should do them. But when there seems to be nothing practical we can do, prayer becomes even more powerful.

      1. I believe we need to do both. Prayer will help to move people to vote. If you have read the Bible, you will note many circumstances which were turned around because someone or some group of people prayed effectively. But it must be strong, sincere and faith-filled prayer to be effective.

    2. I have a Canadian father who lives in the Philippines and died in the Philippines. I applied for my Canadian Citizenship in the Philippines but was denied. That’s the time of Justin Trudeau. Better for him not to be re-elected.

    3. Sounds like good old Justin has one thing at the end of his life, he will be HOT and TOASTY, in the Devils company!

    4. The answer is that our opponents use DECEIT – calling oneself a Catholic, as Trudeau does, is only intended to deceive the larger public. Unfortunately, most peoples are gullible enough and ignorant enough of History to accept these devilish tactics. The national insanity of him being re-elected in 2019 illustrates the point.

  2. For the good of the North American continent and perhaps even the world pray Trudeau is not re-elected and held accountable.

  3. Lmao the entire country was built off the catholic church and their money. Hes so stupid and uneducated ….knowledge is power

      1. Je suis pêcheur de truite depuis 65 ans et je peux vous dire qu’une truite est beaucoup plus intelligente que Trudeau.

    1. Like Obama, Trudeau’s every act is whatever is politically expedient. If today it is to cow-tow to the Muslims, so be it. He is however, playing a dangerous game. The U.S. is beginning pay the price of Obama’s accommodation to Islam, who’s leaders boldly proclaim their goal of bringing the Judeo-Christian world, to it’s knees.

  4. He sees Evangelicals as a danger to Islam. Once muslims learn that they can seek salvation through Christ and worship a loving God, why would they remain muslims?

  5. Trudeau was raised “Jesuit” Catholic. That means he is bathed in the matters of deceit and intrigue – no purity in that heart. Remember he thinks communist China is a great place because he can make all the decisions as a dictator One would expect to see a Canadian Pope soon, eg – the China model. The most dangerous thing to Canada right now is Trudeau and the 10’s of thousands of jhadists he has funded and welcomed at the Canadian front door. He will lose in October but not sure the Conservative alternative works. The best outcome would be Maxime Bernier’s new party in a minority government, a spanner in the works for the NWO God’s speed all

    1. A vote for Maxime Bernier’s new party is ultimately a vote for the Liberals. Have you learned nothing about Conservative vote splitting from the last NDP term in Alberta?

      1. A vote for CPC is a vote for the status quo, Scheer has no principles just more identity politics

        1. OR: is Scheer just holding back to safeguard being rooked by Trudeau and his “very flexible” platforms.

    2. A vote for Bernier will split the vote and we will be doomed for another Liberal term. Please for the sake of Canada not this time!

    3. By voting for Bernier, you’ll split the votes and guess who will be the next PM? “Trudeau!”

  6. There will come a time when Mr. Trudeau Himself will have no place to hide just like the Christians he is persecuting now. Trudeau has been so steeped in corruption for so long it’s a wonder his own country hasn’t already suspended him from a rope with feet dangling in the air. And it’s not over yet.
    Christian influence, small as it may be in Canada is the only thing keeping the nation from falling into a state of total anarchy and oblivion. When Christians are gone you can kiss Canada goodbye.

    1. Good words Jay. We Christians need to stick together and serve the Lord first in our voting. Same here in the States.

      1. Justin and refugee pitbull from Somalia Ahmed Hussen are working to erode the Christian faith In Canada. One way to successfully accomplish this is to place Islam as the dominant religion in Canada–which both of them are working toward.

    2. That’s right! Think about it! If we loose Canada, where do we go? Canada must not be sold out, period!

    1. Now that’s the best comment I’ve read in a very very long time!!! Thank you for truly making my day!! 💕💕

  7. So sad to see our great country disintegrating because of religion, race and lack of respect for all human beings. I would never have believed five years ago the massive changes that are happening today. We are so lucky to live here in Canada, we are truly Free, we used to apply this to every single person living and immigrating here. As Christians we have lost our way through the leaders we elect and how we chose to react to their words and actions. Who is the PM working for? US..All of the people. I think he is missing that point.
    The states have even bigger problems, and I truly believe that PT has spread a lot of hatred and confusion among all voters. Our leaders seem to think they are God and they are exempt from all that is morally right. We have the power to change that…don’t just complain..next election get out there and VOTE otherwise be quiet you have just given your vote to the person you do not want elected. ACT don’t just bitch about it.

    1. its really very funny when fact check pops up on a conservative post,, but not on a liberal one.. FACT Trudeau has spent our money and bought them all,,,, Look it up

  8. How Christianity Saved Civilization … And Must do So Again by Aquilina & Papandrea “Remember that we participate in injustice when we do nothing to stop it”. Act!

  9. Trudeau has been, is, and always be a liar, a cheat, a puppet , a traitor and the worst sort of human garbage.

    1. Fact check. Though it’s wildly suggested he is garbage most credible fact check organisations confirm he is not actual garbage. The confusion stems from the fact that 90% of his opinions are Garbage and contribute to global warming and increased frakenfish populations.

  10. they should transport the 100,000 mussies from Minnesota to his province and see what how he feels then, not to mention the rest of them

  11. Although I agree with much of what is stated in this article, it is frustrating to wade through all the grammatical errors, especially in the last half. Please, if you wish to look professional, fix the errors. It will go a long way towards making you seem like a reliable source.

  12. Justin is a jesuit. He went to a jesuit school. Jesuits are catholics on crack. Catholics HATE Christians at the top of their system. Christians disavow most Catholics. Pope is Catholic and just allied with Islam.

  13. Justin Trudeau is a Politically Correct Globalist. It’s all connected to Marxism. So from this is identity politics — equality of outcome (not equality of opportunity. The Christian is the oppressor and Islam is the oppressed in their false narrative. The white man is the oppressor and other colours the oppressed.

  14. In actuality Trudeau to say what Trudeau has said to anyone about evangelical Christians – Trudeau is dispensing Hate Speech.
    Unfortunately Canada’s Politically Correct Christians will not call Trudeau out on this in their obsessive desire to be Politically Correct while Calling themselves Christians.

  15. Why does it seem like those who tout to be Christians seem to be condemning and bashing… well anyone any anything who doesnt believe the same, pray the same as they do. The bible has changed drastically from the teachings of Jesus I remember. Very sad!

    1. Thé bible has never changed….people have changed…some churches have changed but the Word of God does not changed.

  16. Jackal Trudeau will be very sorry in 16 days on October 21 2019. He will lose the Election along with the Liberal Party Despots. Prime Minister Andrew Scheer will sue Jackal Trudeau for the SNC Lavalin Scandal the Jackal Promoted. Also Prime Minister Andrew Scheer will have NO sympathy for the Jackal and make him pay for that wicked comment against Christians. Final judgment is a sure thing on Jackal Trudeau for his foolish rebellion and hatred.

  17. M Trudeau do not know God but God know him , he see all.of him, is thinking, is action, is love for the people who have a relation with the Lord
    Once you know God then only then you understand all of Him!

  18. “Pushing mass abortion and euthanasia.” Good stuff! that’s what is happening in Canada right now!
    How can you approve that article? cant you look outside your windows? we do not need or want a religious government! we do not want a government that would make decisions for canadians based on religious believe! It is wrong to run a country in 2019 by following some book and some stuff that people wrote 2000 years ago to controle the people!!
    How can you read this article and believe it and think its a good message to share! it talks about division between canadians and preaching the difference between religion. Why cant we be happy that people have believes and care about a religion and we feel the need to tell them that we have the best options and they are wrong?? I really do hope that trudeau will continue to are about the people no mather whats the religion!

  19. Read the vitriol in many of the comments! Makes me sad to see my fellow Christians buzzing back and forth in such a way. Many statements are a little misleading, or taken out of context, or are emphasized in such a manner as to “make a point”. Prayer is a powerful tool God has given to believers. Name calling is a very weak and immature way to make any point. Read acts 23:5. Paul was faced with people he disapproved of, but he pointed to God’s guidance rather than resort to personal attack. Pray for our leaders, pray for wisdom. Keep yourself informed of the real facts. As citizens we need to be involved. Honesty, integrity, respect and love for others, honrable judgement of others – we are called to these and many similar characteristics in The Sermon on the Mount.

  20. Was it not the Jews who killed Christ. Was not the start of the original masons under another name started in 43 AD and changed to free masons in the 1700. Christ was killed at age 33 a very prominent number within our world of secret societies. Those who do not believe the Jews and Islam want Christianity dead should do some reading. People who think prayer doesn’t work has never been in touch with the spiritual world. Jesus Christ is real. The devil runs the secret societies and satanic worship groups. They fear Jesus Christ. The fallen angels and the giants are thought to have ties with each other. The giants skeletons have been found in several parts of the world including North America. Jesus Christ’s return and prayer are for those whom believe. Those elites that run our world do their utmost to hide this reality. Prayer continues to work for me. Thanks 🙏

  21. By saying that, he is also declaring that he has another faith system or none at all. Too bad because Canada, like the USA, was founded on many biblical principles. Not on the Koran or some other religions which, thanks to him, are now threatening to over throw our foundation as a country. Their tactics can be seen in Turkey’s history, which was a Christian country for a while, until the most anti Christ religion came about and took over the entire country. He is so much out of touch to the real issue, that he might become the PM that sold us out to ungodliness…(in fact many of the churches addressed in the book of Revelation were in Turkey. What happened?) Next post is the French translation which includes a bit more clarifications!
    Dans cet article, en disant cela, il déclare par le fait même qu’il suit un autre système de foi ou aucun. Pourtant le Canada ainsi que USA fut fondé sur plusieurs principes bibliques. Non pas basé sur le Coran ou quelque autre religion qui grâce à lui menacent de prendre le dessus de nos fondements (même notre hymne national reconnait que nous devons protéger nos droits et il fut assermenté sur cette Bible et les principes qui y sont inscrits et maintenant ils les rejettent par dissociation). Leurs tactiques peuvent être vues dans l’histoire de la Turquie, qui fut pour un temps chrétienne jusqu’au jour où la religion la plus antichrist au monde intervint et prit possession du pays. M. Trudeau est tellement inconscient de la réalité, qu’il peut devenir le PM qui nous aura vendu tous les Canadiens Chrétiens engagés qui se tiennent fermes sur les fondements de notre constitution et qui mettent leur vies en périls entre autre dans notre armée.
    Nous ne sommes pas l’ennemi lorsqu’on veut défendre nos droits.

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