Justin Trudeau Bans Use of “Mother” And “Father” Within Government Organizations

Canadian Government employees tasked with connecting citizens to government services can no longer refer to those citizens as “sir,” “madam,” or any other gender-specific term while doing so, according to a new report.

Service Canada’s front-line staff must “use gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language” to avoid “portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender,” out of respect for the country’s “diverse” population.

The forbidden terms include “mother,” “father,” “sir,” “madam,” “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” and “Miss.” Instead, workers are directed to call people “parents,” use their full names, and ask them how they wish to be addressed. They are further warned that an In-Person Quality Monitoring Program will WATCH THEM for compliance with the new rules.

These actions bring up visions of the behaviour of  totalitarian governments of history. Social visionary George Orwell wrote about word manipulation in his famous work “1984.” Under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, this has become a reality within 2019 Canadian society. Our current government are fixated on terminology. Border -jumpers are not “illegal,” they are “irregular.” It is not a carbon tax, put rather a “price on pollution.”

Now, government implement changes to create PUNITIVE MEASURES for those using common-place language terms that have been a part of western culture for a  thousand years. This, from an ex-drama teacher and former snow board instructor

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Canada’s LGBT industry is one of  the most draconian social movements in modern history. They are, in fact, PUSHY AS HELL. They stop at nothing to get mainstream and heterosexual Canadians to bow to their will. Did you know? It is now permissible for authorities to bust into a person’s home and take their child from them if the parent opposes their desire to change their sex. A gang of pink brownshirts, no?

Mother, Father, Mr., Mrs., Sir, Madam– say no go. Justin has banned all these terms and more within Services Canada. What’s next–the same when speaking in public? A hefty fine for wishing the person who gave us life a Happy Mother’s Day?

Perhaps a phrase often used within social conservative circles best sums up the Liberal-Globalist ethos: “Behind Every Liberal Is A Fascist Screaming To Get Out.” Cultural Action Party Of Canada cannot think of a person who fits this profile more than the prime minister of our nation, Justin Trudeau.


50 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Bans Use of “Mother” And “Father” Within Government Organizations

    1. Can’t call parents father or mother but ” Can we still call this PIECE of SHIT ASSHOLE”

    1. stupidity is an understating! Evil is more appropriate.
      And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
      Romans 1:27‭-‬28 KJV

  1. This is terrifying! Hopefully such coercive measures will be repealed after the next election!

  2. How utterly insane this is ! Trudue is completly out of control. Stop the madness before it spreads pls.

  3. Dr. Seuss had it right? We are now referred as
    “ It” One and “It” Two. Lol What’s the world coming too? Lol!

    1. Sneeches On The Beeches-style government we have. Divide Canada into Nationalists vs Globalists and run away with the money.

  4. Mother, Father, Mom ,Dad, what is left ,sperm donor? For me I am proud to call my father and mother that exactly and I am proud to be the father of my Sons or as I commonly referred to my boy’s

  5. The people of Canada allows all this unGodly crap to be law is despicable and immoral! They took your guns away now they’re taking your vocabulary and free speech/thinking away now! What’s next? Your WILL to LIVE!!!!! Thank GOD for President Trump!

    1. And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
      Romans 1:27‭-‬28 KJV

        1. Oh, I’ll bet your votes are rigged too…….just like USA. How else would these evil beings get in office!

  6. You shouldn’t blame the Canadians, I doubt they even had a say in all of this. With the exception of voting him in, but then again you never know crazy until it is too late. No one deserves all of this bs in their country

  7. What an insane government in Canada!! But in New Zealand where I live our labour government is just as insane!! So politically correct and now virtually is taking our freedom of speech away, have taken the guns away from law abiding New Zealanders since the shootings in March by only one guy! And our weird gender rubbish!!

    1. Aldern, Trudeau, Merkel, Macron are ideologically aligned. All are working to destroy Anglophone identity on behalf of their globalist backers.

    2. After watching some break down videos and also the raw massacre video only on 153news.net you will see that Its very obvious The NZ massacre was a false flag. The first mosque massacre was acted and edited before then aired on Facebook that same day during police drills. The video FRAME BY FRAME by Storm Media shows second mosque after mart, all actors.Not one bullet hole in the walls. Why do you think the coroner did not let family’s see the dead bodies, still don’t show the killers face in court, its because they dont have him, He”s a made up character. The NZ gov, Muslim brotherhood and others have all got to be in it to have pulled this one off.

  8. I guess the Trudeau gov. Wants the white male and female to just disappear.
    All the work that our ancestors did for this country, and mak8ng it one of the best places in the world to live. Now we are not even entitled to more than 586.00 a month. Lots of thanks there

  9. The planet’s state is getting more and more alarming with the whole global warming situation, but diction is apparently more important according to Trudeau.

  10. That piece of shit should be taken out behind the barn and taught a good lesson on ethics and morals, preferably with a baseball bat.


  12. Canadians are facing a crumbling economy and higher prices. More are falling below the poverty line. Yet, all that Trudeau can do is enact repressive legislation and rules to remove our freedoms. This fanaticism is more reminiscent of past ideological governments gone crazy, like the Maoists, and it will destroy our culture and our country. I believe this is Trudeau and the Globalist’s objective for Canada. We are an experimental lab for these fools. Wake up Canada now before it’s too late. The solution will involve the formation of a new political movement, one dedicated to sane, pragmatic government, sound economic management and be free from ideological lunacy, not any of the established parties.

  13. Can you image Trudeau’s son addressing him on an issue he wants from his father

    “Justin ,”I want you to take me out for ice-scream or I will tell Sophie on you”
    Hey Justin and sophie your female person (daughter) wants to come along.

  14. I can hardly wait until I force some government service worker to refer to me in terms they do not like…. If that service worker objects I will be anxious to press charges… Signed… the real prophet of islam… tehehe

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