“It’s Okay To Be White” Brings POLICE Investigations, Racist Accusations In Canada

Branding Iron Bar & Grill owner Karl Schorb in British Columbia said he doesn’t think the [It’s Okay To Be White] stickers are racist.

“I’m not a racist. I have nothing against anybody. I love everybody, I’m a happy person and that’s all that counts for me,” he said, encouraging anyone who takes issue with the stickers to talk to him about it.

Not so, says Canadian society within PM Justin Trudeau’s “post modern” Canada. Keremeos, B.C.  Mayor Manfred Bauer said he would like to see the stickers removed — and he has asked Schorb to remove them.

Talk about typical. Turns out the mayor of this small town in British Columbia does not want any semblance of pride in being a white Canadian citizen. He is in good company, as there are many others who demand the very same:

PM Justin Trudeau, CBC, Liberal Cabinet, CTV, Canadian Academia, United Nations, MP Ahmed Hussen, University of Toronto, Globe & Mail, McGill University, and every other fundamental institution within 2020 Canadian society.

Anglophone-Canadians must understand their position within contemporary Canada–  this community has NO RIGHT to pride in their heritage. Conversely, Black Lives Matter is an expression of “equality.”

Witness as the NBA--which CAP consider an anti-White organization--and their plethora of white basketball coaches donning the BLM t-shirts. All is well with this–because the messaging is a disparagement of the only identifiable community in which it is open season to TRASH at will.

In Canada, government and media refer to this as “multiculturalism.” Here at CAP, we refer to this as “racism against white people.”

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Next door to B.C, a Lethbridge, Alberta clothing company has been accused of promoting themes of white supremacy and racism.

‘White and Privileged’ is under fire for its brand and online content. Owner, Boe Zahrejko said the company launched a month ago, and he is now getting death threats.

Will there be a hate crime investigation in this regard? Yes– on the 12th of Never! Oh, Canada–you have been seduced into self-hatred, and in truth, the reverse-racists are just getting started.

In Ontario, Toronto police are investigating after a resident spotted posters and stickers promoting white nationalism in south Etobicoke.

Councillor Mark Grimes, who represents  Etobicoke-Lakeshore, said he asked city staff to remove the posters and stickers attached to light poles, bus shelters and parking meters in Etobicoke.

Of course he did. For some unknown reason, there appears to be no such thing as a Canadian Mayor or City Councillor who will stand up for Anglophone-Canadian communities.

Never has CAP witnessed such absolute protection of the anti-white, pro-3rd World globalist agenda which has permeated Canadian society. Frankly, their attitudes are positively FASCIST.

When White Canadians Hate White Canada:

This is the biggest disgrace within a litany of disgraces regarding the treatment of Canadians of European Heritage in the history of our nation. CBC and estalblishment media–ostensibly of Anglo-Christian extraction-– either HIDE the phenomenon from the public, or side 100% with the Anglo-Bashers.

It’s a downright desperate situation as PM Trudeau and the Liberals corral our communities into a post-modern social prison– all in preparation for our pre-conceived trans-ition to Canada’s “Second Nations” community.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016).

3 thoughts on ““It’s Okay To Be White” Brings POLICE Investigations, Racist Accusations In Canada

  1. Am so disgusted with Trudeau, Perry Bellegarde & their sheeple and even many Blacks who are against Whites!! WHITE LIVEs MATTER!!

  2. Looks like white Canada better get its shit together ,, unify the people .. ca . Look in to it , its people coming up with solutions to take back our country ! What the hell do you have to lose join the fight no government party is coming to save you only the unification of we the people can save Canada now , everyone else has been brainwashed or paid off ,, if you haven’t noticed by now . Wake up Canada it’s time to act !

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