Former PM Pierre Trudeau Advocated One-Party State, Communism For Canada

Like father, like son, the old adage goes. It’s rarely been truer than in the case of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and son Justin.  Pierre was once asked for his views on democracy and communism, and stated that a one-party state would be the ideal government under certain conditions. That should sound familiar.

Added Pierre: “I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that communism is right for Canada at the present time. But such times MIGHT COME, who knows?”

Five decades later, here’s his son, Justin Trudeau: “You know, there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.”

Case closed. Okay, not so much. The case SHOULD BE CLOSED–but it isn’t. In fact, it has yet to be opened to the extent that the people of Canada develop an awareness of what the family of Pierre Trudeau are really all about.

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The reason for this is found in the monolithic approach to Canadian society and history by way of mainstream Canadian media. Canadians have little awareness of where Canada is heading as a result of the socialist political tag-team of Pierre & Justin Trudeau.

The simple truth is that ALL SIGNS point to a comprehensive dedication of the Trudeau family toward NON-DEMOCRATIC forms of government. Yet, at this point in history, the Trudeau family have escaped being branded as communist sympathizers and admirers of despotic leaders.

This MUST CHANGE. CAP advocate for the Trudeau family name to be branded a nemesis family of traditional Canadian society, identity and culture. No statues, airports or graven images of Justin or Pierre should adorn any public exhibit in Canada.

From the source article: “the reason for direct economic power is China’s command-and-control economy, wherein the government OWNS OR CONTROLS the vast majority of businesses. For Trudeau the elder and Trudeau the younger, admiration of communism is seen in actions that diminish private-sector investment in favour of public spending, along with social policies that discourage or prohibit ways of thinking not aligned with their ‘progressive’ beliefs.”

By the time Pierre Trudeau  retired in 1984, national debt had grown by 700 per cent and Canada’s international debt rating had collapsed. Canada was transformed from one of the financially strongest countries in the world into an economic BASKET CASE. In other words, Papa Pierre ENSLAVED Canada to the international banking cabal.

Five decades later, son Justin has Canada on a similar path. After inheriting the Stephen Harper government’s ZERO-deficit balance sheet, Trudeau’s budgeted 2017–18 deficit  rocketed to $18 billion, with continuing deficits forecast to add $117 billion to the national debt by 2023.

That’s reason enough to worry, but the picture is certain to get much worse. Why? For the same reason that Pierre Trudeau’s deficits spiralled out of control: the imposition of ideologically socialist government policies on a capitalist free-market economy.

Bingo. End of story. But it won’t be. The source article is anathema to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal-Globalist propaganda machine. Will the nightmare that is the family and offspring of Pierre Trudeau ever be rooted out and thrown out for all-time?

Obviously, not if King Justin wins another four-year term in office. Within a nation grounded in truth, justice and freedom, the Trudeau family– including film-maker for the Iranian government, brother Alexandre— would be  done like dinner. Their legacy would crumble, and Canadian society would render them unpatriotic, anti-democratic, as well as haters the Anglophone people of Canada.

Perhaps, one day it will occur. No one can say for sure. What CAP will say for sure is that WE BELIEVE it to be possible that within 50 years the Trudeau name will be rendered MUD. 

Then again, the globalists could win.




4 thoughts on “Former PM Pierre Trudeau Advocated One-Party State, Communism For Canada

  1. Mainstream media has been bought and paid for by the Liberal government. They act essentially as an arm of Trudeau’s communist agenda, parroting his every word, not questioning any of his edicts! They have traded their journalistic integrity for slavery to the Liberal party.

  2. Wake up people, government IS the problem…All lies, every day, coming from governments, same mess here in Canada – mainstream health care, doctors – police – msm…People need to wake up, rise up, but be prepared, be organized, plan, very, very large groups…weapons, guns, mma training to fight the real enemy, criminals = government – police…one and the same. So these public sector parasites, government – police scum, bankrupt the private sector, close down our business by force, gut, destroy our livelihood while they ALL get full pay to enforce this plandemic, lockdown…and now they are going to hire more government parasites to enforce it along with the police…nice eh? This is a complete government takeover, plain and simple – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do…. Control, control, control – governments running everything…… And please do not believe me, go take a look at a debt chart from the 1970’s to today. Massive government growth and debt. ALL governments – msm – police – teachers …all lies, all bs, every day… greedy public sector parasites = more debt…just follow the money…This shut down was all planned…they have gutted the private sector and governments will now control everything moving forward…bloody scum bags…wake up people!!! Solution’s ? Only one. Rise up, wake up, unite, organize, large, very large groups, MMA training, bats, buy guns, and lots…be real MEN, fight back, do not comply, do not them near you…Do you want real freedom, real free speech…then wake up now. I have been saying this for over 5 months now…are you going to wake up, try to wake up others…or are you sheep like most? F em all, NOW!!!

  3. Who among you will contact your conservative party and demand them to publish this article under their banner. None of you will do so. Because you know they will not hear you out or do so.

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