Five Million Canadians Live In Poverty While Trudeau Gives BILLIONS to Foreign Governments

It’s hard to believe that a domestic poverty crisis like this can exist when Canada sends about $5 BILLION in foreign aid overseas every year.

And that’s not the end of it. Canada has pledged to provide an additional   $2 billion over the next five years, and the globalists are still pushing the Trudeau government to provide more help overseas.



31 thoughts on “Five Million Canadians Live In Poverty While Trudeau Gives BILLIONS to Foreign Governments

  1. I find it amazing yet not surprised at all that the Canadian reporters spent hours days even years ripping into every dollar the previous conservative gov spent on to the last dime and to every move President Donald Trump says does. Yet none of those reporters can do the same thing to Trudeau’s spending.
    The conclusion is that both PMSH and Donald Trump are conservatives.
    Take my word for on this it if you wish.
    If the conservatives do win the next election, there will not be a day or an hour missed without the reporters blaming them for all the corruption, lost of money, illegal border crossers, you name it. In the meantime the reporters will keep all the Trudeau’s disaster to Canada from the public until such time.

    1. The thing is, Harper was giving 5 billion a year also and the conservatives were crickets on that until Tredeau gave 5 billion. I can only hope he is out of office, before he ups it to 7 billion.

      1. Might as well. The budget is to cater to the Melinells because the housing is too pricey because of all the immigrants who came over with their big money and drove the price up.

  2. Our government never changes and gives our hard earned dollars away to other countries and do the help our people. Our government is a thief the way I see things

    1. You saw correctly because I see the same thing.
      Justin Trudeau has a way of mesmerizing the public to avoid scrutiny by them. Obama used to do that to avoid being asked serious questions concerning the public’s interests.

      1. All governments dont try systematically try run there country in the ground like this bunch of no brain retards

  3. These Assholes makes promises just to get in during their political run and when they do get in they F#$k over the in the country they run.We gotta stop paying for everything the politicians do in life and make them pay everything for themselves,those Assholes get Outrageous pay for life.

  4. Becoming more dissolution with Heads of state e.g Prime Minister and there parties.The flagrant waste of taxpayers money.Total disregard for improving Canadians way of life.
    Homeless,unemployed,poverty stricken,low incomes,ad nauseum.
    Taxes are exorbitant.Neither party has rectified these major issues.Few politicians truly
    represent there constituents.No solution.Total frustration.Irene Urban

  5. Sad when you consider Canada has a population of roughly 36.7 million people. I love our country but our government is throwing it away. We don’t need civil obedience. We need civil disobedience!!

  6. We as in our nation needs to just stop paying taxs .cant put everyone in jail and how will they controll us if they dont have the money to do so.
    It makes me sick to see how they spend our money on other countries when we have poverty here.our vets are homeless and no health care and starving while trudope is allowing refigees in and giving them more money ans more help then the people who really matters

  7. I don’t know but I find it hard to believe that there is abject poverty in Canada. Maybe amongst the elderly, but yalh the country is on assistance or health care even when they don’t have a problem. It’s the new wealfaw.And the country is in such abundance that it can afford it. God bless Canada the greatest country in the world.

    1. What are you blind?!
      A veteran from the national guard, our national guard, asked for help on national tv and not naming all the social medias who captured it and Trudeau, Justin Trudeau responded that the veterans were asking for too much!
      The whole world is turning to Justin Trudeau because we all know that he’s on a spending spree with Canada’s taxpayers efforts.
      My wife is an immigrant and it cost us money out of our pocket to file all the applications.
      Last year we had a baby and that also cost us out of our pocket.
      We definitely are for the immigration into our country, not the illegal way.
      The homelessness on the streets is alarming!
      Alberta has lost 26000 jobs because of Justin Trudeau.
      That’s 26000 homes in Canada.
      Do you go help the neighborhood before you take care of your own family?!
      Our nation has too many of it’s own problems to go and stick our nose in foreign issues like Isis, India, open borders, paying off a terrorist with other people’s money, underhand deals to name a few and you know the list goes on!!
      He does not consider Canadian issues, foreign issues are at the top of his agenda and that’s not right!!
      You need to open your eyes or give your head a shake if you really think that all Canadians are following that waste of positive energy, Justin Trudeau!
      You must be living from one underground garage to another to think that, cause you are another one of those politicians turning a blind eye to Canadian society.
      Justin Trudeau is a deception to the Canadian people.

      1. Joeph, Alberta’s lost in excess of 120,000 jobs, closer to 160,000 if you count contractors who didn’t qualify for unemployment insurance.
        By the way, good on you for immigrating legally

  8. I’m so done with them just screwing us with everything an think we have money trees and gold bricks coming out of no where an changing everything to benefit other people what about us who have lived here for years an work are buts off for everything we have an need

    1. My son is on ODSP $1170. he can’t even find/afford a place to rent. Rental units are $750 and up then they want first and last month rent. He asked for help, went to the MPP office. Nothing. He had to jump through hoops to get help. Sent place to place, appointment after appointment. Do they forget these people are on disibility for a reason. He finally gets $500 to help with last months rent and tell him he needs to pay $350 of it back. Like really. Gov can’t even help our own. Let’s see if they can live on $1170. Per month!

  9. I am on ODSP and I agree with everybody that Justin Trudeau is taking all the money we don’t make enough on ODSP to survive and it is wrong for our government to give all of our money to help out other countries other than help out the people that are right here in Canada that need help no one can survive on old age pension or on disability pensions it’s wrong for the government to someone needs to stop him or anybody to vote his ass out right away … this is Canada ….Canadian needs to stand up and fight and kick his ass out

  10. why not help the people of the north or all over canada there’s lots of homeless its very cold up here and i watch him bring 20,000 syrian giving them housing employment . i know they need help but we live in the north and being homeless in the north not just the north even down south being homeless its hard seeing them get help come on help canadian too wake up and help the canadian

  11. wow just wow is this what my aunt died for she gave information to government that lead to and stopped a group of Muslims planning an attack on Canada the government vowed to protect her and two years later she was found dead on her knees in the praying position all her pain Ned’s anxiety mess she had picked up the day she passed we’re got bottle and all and they didn’t find them in her system she was cremated by the government before we had a chance to request a autopsy they didn’t even take her necklace off I spent days soaking n scrubbing her flesh off it she died either by the hands of the Muslims mister prime minister which one hmm an here he is bring 40 million more people into Canada to claim his votes for next election while there’s 250,000 homeless Canadians and Canada’s going broke what is wrong with this guy our government his office party is dropping out all around him n his ego an mistakes won’t let him stand down your sir are every government sugar daddy while my aunt died a Canadian hero

  12. Never understood how a government sends Billions overseas and fails to provide for its own cirizens. Lets get our house in order first.

  13. Hey we need to realize God’s programme as outlined in the secret scriptures and instead of allowing ultra rich bankers to make 100 bucks in loans for every dollar deposited in theri bank, we should extend new credit and grants to the POOR with a preferrence for the poor – unlike current grant programs which favour people who already have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars lying around. .. . . . . we should create preferrential interest free credit and grants for the poor and the middle class to get well off and own their own businesses and certainly we should help small businessess that aren’t wealthy to expand into medium sized and large sized enterprises. This is required by God’s law and Canada’s common law and international treaties.

  14. Trudeau campaign to legalize marijuana in the last election if he raised how much people get for disability and old age pension he would have alot of votes but then that would help our country to much

  15. Pretty sad even being on disability, I’m in a huge fight to get off of it and back to work. It’s been almost a year to even get into a physiotherapist.

    We need to start holding anyone who is paid with our tax dollars 110% accountable when they f**k up like 110% there should be jail involved and absolutely huge fines, that would devistate you financially.

    Only being 30, in my time alone. I’ve seen past and present govts violate the law. Where as anyone else did this, they would be in jail got quite sometime..

    There absolutely is no public trust in the givt anymore and I’m even at the point where I want to turn my back on refugees and immigrants until the people in this country get the help they contribute taxes for!

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