“Transgender Story Time” Comes To Small Town Canada

Inclusion, just being yourself and having love and kindness in your heart are the themes for the first Story Time with Drag Queens event in Thunder Bay, Ont., on Saturday at the city’s public library.

“A friend of mine, was connected with someone from the library and they were looking for drag queens to come read to kids,” John Forget, also known as Lady Fantasia LaPremiere, told CBC News,

He said along with his DRAG-DAUGHTER,  Mz Molly Poppinz, they’ll be “reading a couple books and doing some crafts” with the young readers.

How sweet. Their purpose is having “love and kindness in your heart.” How trite. And what, pray-tell, will transpire if a person disagrees with Trans Story Time? Does love and kindness result? HARDLY. The trans-pushers are one of the most vindictive social movements of our time. All opposition is trans-phobia. All questioning is bigotry. All push-back is homophobia.

Drag Queen Story Time has infected educational institutions across North America. The purpose is not “love and kindness,” but rather  sex change RECRUITMENT. These types position themselves as warm and fuzzy, while the truth is altogether something different.

The health risks and general downside of transgenderism–particularly for CHILDREN– is vast. The COVER-UP of the risks is all-pervasive. Media REFUSE to expose the fact that hormone therapy drugs are NOT APPROVED for use in sex change transitions–they are approved for Cancer treatment.

Did you know? A study shows that chances of heart attack and stroke are FAR GREATER  for those who have transitioned their sex. The study found that trans women were more than twice as likely to have a stroke as cis women and almost twice as likely to have a stroke as cis men. Trans women were also FIVE TIMES more likely to develop BLOOD CLOTS than cis women and cis men, respectively.

A report from the FDA informs us that their organization has received 24,000 reports of adverse reactions to the hormone therapy drug Lupron. 

Where are the trans-pushers on these issues? Nowhere– that’s where. Nor is government, media, academia or health and medical industries.

Now, the trans-propaganda train has left Canada’s major urban centres, and is rolling into small town Canada. Generally, these towns are isolated from the world of transgenderism. One can assume they believe what they read in newspapers regarding –that sex change practices are a  benign force within society, that it is only a matter of personal choice, love, peace and harmony.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Transgenderism is an INDUSTRY with money to be made. Big Pharma is making BILLIONS from the sex change industry. So is the cosmetics industry, as well as the fashion business. Make-up, clothes, accessories– Revlon and the rest are loving it

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CAP has called upon politicians, media, health authorities, physicians and related organizations to present a fair and balanced picture of transgenderism. We call upon community leaders and journalists to EXPOSE the exploitation of children for sexual identity purposes.

How much success have we had? ZERO. Health Ministers have been contacted, medical associations made aware, education ministers contacted,  journalists have been informed–yet nothing ever changes with these people.

Well, not quite. One thing has changed–PARENTS are organizing and pushing back against the trans-warriors. As for institutions and related industries, not a single measure has appeared which challenges the status quo of the transgender movement.

CAP do believe that one day in the not-so-distant future, the dam will break and the trans-industry for children will come tumbling down. It’s simply a matter of time–and persistent effort on the part of common sense parents and citizens.

More than likely, Liberals will just continue on being liberal.




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