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10-Year Old Child MUST REMOVE Canadian Flag Art Piece From Front Lawn Says Government

While a 10-year old child is censored for an art piece depicting a Canadian flag by local city government, mayor and city councils in a dozen Canadian cities went ahead and APPROVED Ramadan public broadcasts in Ottawa, Calgary, Halifax, Mississauga and many other Canadian cities and towns.

Video: Canadian IMAM Refers To Justin Trudeau As A Modern-Day “King Of Islam”

In this video presentation, an IMAM preaching in a Canadian mosque heaps GIANT praise upon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, labelling him a “Najashi”– a king among the Nation of Islam.

Video: Trudeau Denies Responsibility For Illegal Refugees To Canada

“If people are in the midst of migration around the world right now, it’s NOT because of a tweet restating — almost word for word — Canadian policy on refuges, because that’s exactly what it was.”


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