Pharma Billionaire Barry Sherman MURDERED DAYS AFTER Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

A person would need a lot of fingers to count how many scandals Justin Trudeau has been involved in throughout his tenure as prime minister of Canada.  Some, such as SNC Lavalin are well-known, but many others have been entirely neglected by Liberal-oriented Canadian media.

One such case could relate to the mysterious deaths of Barry Sherman, and his wife, Honey. Mr. Sherman was a pharmaceutical billionaire who also worked as a political lobbyist .

“The 75-year-old chairman of Apotex and his 70-year-old wife Honey were found dead of strangulation in their Toronto home,” police said.

Media reports said they were both found hanged next to their indoor swimming pool.” Apotex is the largest maker of generic drugs in Canada– as well as an alleged manufacturer of Covid-19 antidote Hydroxychloroquine— the Shermans’ fortune was estimated at more than US $3 billion.”

According to federal government court documents, Sherman tried to block subpoenas of two Apotex executives issued by Canada’s Commissioner of Lobbying, Karen Shepard, that would to compel them to speak with investigators.

 Sherman and Apotex were looking at a possible five-year ban on lobbying the Liberal government if it could be proven that he ran afoul of rules that prohibit registered lobbyists– such as Sherman– from lobbying office holders they helped get elected.

 In other words, the situation suggests there is a direct connection between the deaths of the Shermans, and and the ruling Liberal government of Canada.  It is arguable that an association between Justin Trudeau and Barry Sherman would have a negative impact upon Trudeau’s reputation– and therefore his chances of re-election.

A second investigation into a November 2016 fundraiser co-organized by Sherman for Justin Trudeau also occurred, as well as an investigation focused on Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Reportedly, this was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Phil McIntosh, director of investigations for the lobby commission, said in a report cited by the Toronto Star that “the directorate found evidence indicating Mr. Barry Sherman engaged in political activities that risk creating a sense of obligation on the part of  public office holders” via the August 2015 Justin Trudeau fundraiser.”

 Why the oblique presentation? Why can’t Canadian media just inform Canadians readers what is really going on here?  What does “risk creating a sense of obligation” really mean?  CAP doesn’t know– the statement is far too nebulous to draw a meaningful conclusion.

How “establishment media” this is. PM Justin Trudeau’s comment on the situation: he and his wife Sophie were “saddened by the news of the sudden passing of Barry and Honey Sherman.” 

Interesting that no connection to the PMO was ever posited by Canadian media. Why on earth was Trudeau not implicated in a potential connection to the deaths of the Sherman billionaires? Does it not appear there was a strong enough connection to warrant an investigation?

 Damn straight there was– so why did it never occur?  Because media turned a blind-eye to the whole affair? Why would they do this? Because our ruling government “felt it best?”

BURIED BY MEDIA: Trudeau Sells Off ALL CANADIAN GOLD By Selling Our Gold Industry To China

 How can Cultural Action Party of Canada verify this to be the case? We cannot. However, we can put forth the idea that Justin Trudeau’s billion dollar media pay-outs may well have guided a lack of proper media scrutiny.

This is not the first time media has disassociated PM Trudeau with grisly murders. Consider the case of 13-year old Melissa Shen. This Canadian girl was allegedly murdered in 2017 by a Syrian refugee said to have killed her in a  suburban park in Vancouver.

What happened subsequently? Canadians do not know– because media to this day have buried the result of the trial. What connection did media make between the Shen murder, and the fact that the accused is one of Justin Trudeau’s original Syrian refugees– those whom PM Trudeau stated he was “personally responsible for” regarding their behaviour subsequent to their arrival in Canada.

No connection was made. Same situation applies to the Danforth Murders of two teenage Canadian girls by another Syrian refugee in 2018. Who is responsible for this person’s intake to Canada?

 Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada– along with Somalian citizen immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. What statement did he issue in response to the tragic double-murder? Nothing at all. Degree of mainstream media focus– also nothing.

 What to conclude? Some ideas: Immigration policy is more important to government than dead Canadian school girls. Refugee policy takes precedence over the lives of 13-year old Canadian girls. Protecting Justin Trudeau is more important than the truth about and why Barry and Honey Sherman died under a most gruesome circumstance.

 For some, nothing is more important than maintaining control of the destiny of our nation. Crime, homicide, child murder be damned— we are living in a Liberal “pseudo-dictatorship” now.

Within “post-modern” Canada, political power appears to take precedence over the dead. Does globalist agenda of democratic erosion take precedence over gruesome double-murders? Can one think of other nations which fall into this category?

What form of governance places political ideology above the health and welfare of their citizenship? Totalitarian regimes.China, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, et al.

In other words, communist and theocratic dictatorships. Putting the pieces together,  Canadians that eschew mainstream media can begin to comprehend the fundamental shift in political orientation Justin Trudeau has entrenched within 2020 society.

There you have it, fellow patriots. From big pharma billionaires to murdered Canadian school girls. If the incident detracts from our Liberal government’s globalist agenda for our nation, media move it “out of sight, out of mind” for the benefit of PM Justin Trudeau.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



36 thoughts on “Pharma Billionaire Barry Sherman MURDERED DAYS AFTER Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

  1. You are so right Brad. As soon as the Sherman story came out, my first thought was, Trudeau, Obama, Clinton etc.,know something about the murders. Hope this investigation brings the truth out. No one should be exempt just because they have a “position”.

    1. Nothing will be uncovered as long as these Lieberls are in power and the silencing of the media.

      1. I do not understand that the power of f policing doesnt carry over to the PM. Is the PM above the law…of he is not then why a failure by The RCMP to investigate all of the crimes he seems to be a part of and where is CSIS in regards to his link to China , ths UN and his intentional action to undermined the financially and security of this nation. It makes no sense to me at all.

          1. Brad I don’t get the connection for the death of Michel. Was he a threat to big brother’s future reign?? Your repoting & analysis is amazing. Thanks!

          2. Difficult to pinpoint a potential reason for Michel Trudeau’s death… my general thought is simply that some unknown party had a vendetta against Papa Pierre. Beyond this, it is possible the reason was that Michel was anti-globalist, and would potentially “rat out” the covert machinations of Pierre & his globalists partners.

            A third reason may relate to drugs– thanks, Brad.

        1. The Biggest Problems with the RCMP is When they take and Oath – They are to the Queen / Crown/ and of course SECRECY..
          NOT The People

          “When an RCMP constable is sworn in, he or she takes a three part oath:

          Oath of Allegiance: “Do you solemnly swear that you will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors according to the law, so help you God?”

          Oath of Office: “Do you solemnly swear that you will faithfully, diligently and impartially execute and perform the duties required of you as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and will well and truly obey and perform all lawful orders and instructions that you receive, without fear, favor or affection of or towards any person, so help you God?”

          Oath of Secrecy: “Do you solemnly swear that you will keep absolutely secret all knowledge and information of which you may become possessed through your position with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; that you will not, without due authority in that behalf, discuss with members of the Force, or any other person, either by word or by letter, any matter which may come to your notice through your employment with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, so help you God?”

          To each of these questions, the response is: “I do so swear.”

          1. The Queen, whom the RCMP CULT pledges allegiance to was involved in the kidnapping of several native children from Kamloops, BC in the ‘60’s. She was charged with the crime but the incident was buried along with a witness who was murdered. So what does it say about RCMP corruption. There is a headless puppet who was hand selected by the traitor destroying this country – how could they be anything but corrupt. They are costing Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars in lawsuits due to their corruption and perversion.

        2. TRUDUMDUM is the one who appointed the chief of the RCMP. He hugged HER. You know him, all TOUCHY FEELY. THE RCMP IS IN HIS POCKET TO. THEY DON’T ARREST THE IDEOLOGISTS, JUST THE INNOCENT CANADIANS..

  2. I do believe that JT is connected to the Sherman murders. However, I would just like to add that the Danforth killer was Pakistani not Syrian. It’s an important point to lend credibility to your ongoing great wok👍🏻.

    1. either or Pakistani or Syrian these pedophiles are the protected class in Canada just as the grooming gangs in the UK and the EU. Which I have a nagging suspicion that the murder of these young girls is related to.

  3. Trujoke is in over his head. Every thing he does is corrupt and everybody he deals with is corrupt. I can’t wait to see this toxic person get eliminated.

  4. I believed from day 1 trudeau was involved soon as i read a small part with his name in it.i belueve to this day its true.chief mark saunders is corrupt and evil as hell as will never be solved unless someone comes along with good hard evidence.dont hold your breath on that

    1. Mark Saunders is just a puppet of Mayor John Tory who is head of the Police Association and probably knows more than he reveals.

  5. I dont know why anyone would be surprised i said it once ill say it again and again trudeau is nothing but a trader to the people that were stuipid enough to elect him and now we seem to be stuck with him. How can a priminister that integrates known terrorists and refugees that killed little girls which “he vowed to take full responsibility for” and failed in doing so. While supporting fords bullcrap raising housing costs which in my opinion is directly responsible for the the raise in homelessness. Its no surprise that trudeau would go to these lengths to get what he wants. But be honest do you honestly think there will ever be a priminster elected that is actually honest and for the people cmon the truth is justins just an idiot and not at all good at hiding his corrupt alterior motives if we do find an honest pollitition they will be better at hiding their hidden agenda and corrupt scandals. Is essence with a government elected official that has all the power and controll based around money that will always be considered before our wellbeing, human necessities such as housing arent as important as building train stations in a city that already has 2 train stations one of which is now a banquet for weddings. And they claim they dont waist tax payers money pfft ok. Instead of building new train stations maybe utilize the ones you have and fix the damn roads or fix up bosrded houses that could be utilized to accomodate those in need of housing or better yet stop selling multiple town housong complexes that were previously used to accomodate geared to income housing to millionaires to build highrises that are astronomical in price and lower the waiting list from now 6 to 8 years back to the acceptable 1 to 2 years. What we need is an elected official that wasnt raised with a silver spoon in their mouths and who have lived in a real community setting are firmilliar with the real problems real people face and see us as real human beings that actually exist and arent just talked about. Then real changes that help the lower class population which is the majority will actually become a priority instead of an idea or afterthought. We need real people to run this country not some snobby power hungry scandaless trader in a suit that has no idea what it means to be a real majority canadian citizen in the lower or middle class reptrospect. They live in a mansion and have never even had to physically work a day in their lives other than their decieving brainand flapping lieing gums. Have we ever actually had a priminster that fits that discription i doubt it. Its not about the people its about the money and power and inevitable distruction of all our values and morality one day we will all be slaves weve already became the minority were already out numbered if it comes to war we wont have a chance. And we have to live with the fact that we all just sat back and let it happen. We are the idiots in essence we elect the destructors let them have the ultimate ya or ne about whats best for us. And we have no say in anything how is that “fighting for their citizens” in reality if you dont live in a big house or mansion or have a membership to a golf or country club or float around in a yacht then the probability of being recognized is substancially lowered to almost not at all. They can throw money at us to shut us up and to us it sounds like alot 10 million dollars to help end homelessness but thats just pocket change and actually useless when theyre not addressing the root problem. What does it matter anyways who elected that creep not many people yet somehow he still ended up back in power???????? See we really have no say in anything so dont be surprised when a legal organized crime boss with literally all the power does something deceiptful or criminal or just not in anyones best interest beyond their own. Thats true politics.

    1. why don’t you sign up to become PM? You would be able to clean all that shit and make true value to the canadian population.

  6. I believe that the media is guilty of covering up these connections. I also believe Trudeau is the most dishonest PM Canada has ever had and that he is killing this country. Also I believe he leans toward communism.

  7. Trump sees all of what the article explains, not only are Blair, Butts, Mendicino, Trudeau, and Morneau a threat to Canada’s future, they are a direct threat to the national security of the USA; this explains what’s behind trump withholding medical supplies aNd using troops to properly administer Canada’s immigration laws because the liberals have been lawless, ethically deprived, morally absent and legally rotten.

    1. If Trump understands what CAP are saying, then CAP are obviously on the right track. Trump has his faults, but unlike Justin Trudeau, he does not have a vendetta to destroy the United States.

      1. The Liberal Party is the Reason Canada is going down Hill they are Treacherous Treasonous Traders as is Their Lackey Justin Trudeau Who has his personal agenda to increase his personal wealth as much as possible while in power at all cost except to himself personally and to Support communist fascists dictatorships and terrorists ( Omar Khadr after he butchards several Canadian and U.S. soldiers Trudeau gets his release from prison gives him several million dollars and complete freedom in Canada ) Trudeau travels the world mocking the character culture and religion of the countries he goes to creating hate and distrust of Canada and its citizens putting anyone travelling under a Canadian passport at risk of certain torture and death.
        The Conservative have Always put Canada First the citizens of Canada Second ONLY to the Country of Canada. And Everytime the Consetvatives were on Power Canada was Strong Powerful Prosperous As well as Respected and Wecomed World Wide.
        The New Democrates are also far better yhen the Liberals and Second to the Conservatives But their numbers are too small to form government.
        The Libersl Party Justin Trudeau and Everyone who supported or votes Liberal Are in fact Untrustwothy Dishonest Treacherous Treasonous Traitorous individuals that should be removed from Canada removed from any and all historical to current day documents forfeit all properties and finances never to be allowed to access Canada or any of its citizens in anyway doing so would result in Extermination with Extreme Predjudice of the individual and their entire family.

      2. He was a registered Democrat before he ran for President. Fortunately. he could see the direction the Democrats were headed – Far Left. Canada needs a leader like him right now to save the Country.

  8. I have no dought,s Trudeau is curupt ,however the Liberal party ,s association with curuption goes back many year,s . I do not understand how Canadian,s can vote for a PM that dislikes English Canada . Quebec & its association with crime is a fact ,the Liberal party ,s association with Quebec & crime is also fact . It is a shame that Canada does not have honest media coverage that so much of this curuption is swept under the rug . in closing may I add this curuption has found its way into the RCMP & our judicial system . Wake up Canada

    1. Each province has a specific number of seats that can represent that province in Fedral Government to form the government of Canada.
      Unfortunately thos seats are not evenly distributed among the 10 provinces and 3 territories. And has been this way since the 1870s.
      If each political party had strictly 1 seat each ( example 1 seat liberal, 1 seat Conservative, 1 seat New Democrats ) in each of the 10 provinces and 3 Territories and All election results kept complete secret from all political parties and public till all results are in then calculated ( rather then displaying results as the voting continues there by influencing votes) the elections would be more fare and Honest and properly distributed.
      But instead some eastern provinces such as Ontario and Quebec have a massive amount of seats specifically for the Liberal Party more then other parties. Creating an unfare and distinct advantage over first any other party then the Liberal Party second an Unfare and Dustinct advantage over All other provinces and Territories other then Ontario and Quebec. Compound that with the Liberal party Controling All Media as to what can be published and how it will be told controlling business Law Enfocement and the Courts giving Great Rewards and Financial Gain as well as Exorbitant Benefits to Anyone and Everyone who Votes and Supports the Liberal Party of Canada.
      Because there are more seats in Ontario and Quebec and that the liberals have more then any other political party and the fact that they control the media, buisness, Law Enfocement, the Courts and pay out to anyone and everyone that support and or vote liberal…
      That is how and why the Liberal Party of Canada has formed the Government of Canada And has Stayed in Power almost Continuasly from 1875 to Present day Canada with only Loosing 4 times to the Conservative Party of Canada during the period between 1875 and present day 2020 Canada.
      These facts can be found in all libraries, in fedral governmen historical Archives as well as provincial archives.

    2. There’s no media coverage because Trudeau paid them off. The people in Quebec need to wake up and vote for the good of the Country and not just for themselves.

  9. Wow, this is some incredible reporting. I am so sick of lamestream reporters who rely on facts and evidence. Real reporters get down in the trenches, put on their tinfoil hats and fill in the gaps with “alternate” facts. This was definitely a hit job orchestrated by Trudeau with help from Obama and the Clinton’s. No doubt they got together with George Soros at their secret Denver Airport compound and planned the whole thing. After what she did to poor Joan Rivers, I would not be a bit surprised if Michelle Obama herself did the killing.

    1. Thanks very much–we try hard to publish stories overlooked by Canadian media– as well as to refrain from any form of fake news. Of course hundreds accuse us of spreading hate, but what counts is an adherence to the law.

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