264,000 Voter Registration Cards Sent To DECEASED Canadians, Illegal Migrants

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. According to Elections Canada, about 207,000 voter information cards were sent out in the last election to people that are DEAD. Another 57,500 went to people that were not Canadian citizens.

With the Trudeau government set to allow voter information cards to be used as identification in the upcoming federal election, all Canadians should be worried. Are these dead people going to rise from the grave and vote for Justin Trudeau? Do the voting cards of the dead also go to non-Canadian citizens?

Regarding the 2019 federal election, Elections Canada is set to eliminate 103,000 people from the federal voters register determined to be on the list illegally because they are not Canadian citizens. One question never posited or answered by media is: How–or why–did the voter cards get to the dead and illegal in the first place? A convenient omission, no doubt.

The scary thing is Elections Canada recently admitted that they have no way of tracking whether a someone is a citizen before voting, describing the process as an honour system.

Therefore, government no longer require photo I.D. to vote in the 2019 federal election. This, in an era with the highest number of illegal migrants and refugees entering Canada in history. Talk about poor management skills!

In truth, this should come as little surprise. Justin Trudeau has since day one been working to erode the meaning of Canadian citizenship. Open borders, illegal migrants, branding citizens racist, citizenship for terrorists–it’s all in a days work for Trudeau and snarling pit bull immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

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First, Justin Trudeau buried our national identity with his “no core identity” proclamation. Now, he erodes the meaning of Canadian citizenship in a desperate attempt to win a second term in October. Seems Canadian voters cannot even escape the wrath of Trudeau by being dead!

Dead or alive, legal or illegal, Trudeau is gunning to stay on as globalist destroyer for another four-year term.  As it happens, another term in office means four additional years of Trudeau dedication to the erasure of the meaning of Canadian citizenship– a Liberal-Globalist specialty if there ever was one.



33 thoughts on “264,000 Voter Registration Cards Sent To DECEASED Canadians, Illegal Migrants

  1. so why are we going after Trudeau for dead people on the list at a time the process was controlled by the conservatives? Has anyone looked at what the average per election is? I know my Mother in law passed recently but until her taxes are filed I don’t think any information goes over to Elections Canada and I know the last thing on the mind of a grieving family is to contact Elections Canada to ask to have a family removed from the list. The current numbers and how they differ is the actual story for today.

      1. Were all the immigrants welcomed to Canada lately permitted into this country by saying “YES” to the question – will you vote for Trudeau?

    1. Are you really this slow Allen? Trudeau and his donkeys know they don’t stand a chance of winning so their fine with allowing electoral fraud in order to continue to kill this country. Anyone with half a brain should know that identification is a must in something as critical as an election. Well unless your counting on allowing illegals to vote for you illegally. Trudeau has no shame and will stop at nothing to further his aganda. I had to renew my health card yesterday and had to show 3 pieces of Id as well as have the old card to do so yet all you need to vote is a piece of paper that has no way if proving your the person listed or a citizen. You can’t honestly be this absent minded. Trudeau promised electoral reform in his last campaign I’m sure most had no idea this was what he was referring to. The Trudeau government breaks the rules at every opportunity and it’s always at the cost of hard working Canadians. Something I might add he knows nothing about, being a spoiled trust fund brat.

      1. Too true. I could have just took one of the many that were left on the post office counter that people just threw away.

    2. No alan, the conservatives did not control the process! The process is completely Elections Canada and they have already admitted their bias towards the liberals! foreign money had poured into the liberal coffers, from George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, the communist Chinese and other sources! Money is a powerful influence and can and likely WILL influence election fraud, because the price my well be worth it. It is obvious that the conservatives did NOT control or influence the elections! I read a report of visible minorities, being picked up by buses, driven to voting stations, TOLD who to vote for, then were driven back home! This came from one of those minorities who participated!

      1. The Liberals also put out a guide courtesy of taxpayers telling muslims who to vote for,, and voting in mosques,, who were the people manning those mosques,, nonbelievers arent allowed in i thought..

    3. The reason we worry NOW is because heretofore the Voter cards have NOT been used as proof of identity, never, ever have they been of use as anything except to notify a specific person WHERE to go to vote. Believe me it was a shocker to us workers to find that they are now a means to identify. They are readily available fy visiting any post office and looking in the garbage bins, on any day as we approach an electoral event you can find two or three hundred of them, pick your poison.

  2. So in reality this is not a Canadian election.Canada wants only true Canadians to vote in our countrie’s election,if Trudeau pulls this kind of crap he should have to answer for this crime and be put in jail for life for crimes committed against Canada.Trudeau is worst than Hitler ever was and he is destroying our country with the help of his cronies.If he should winn the next election i predict there is going to be a civil war in our beautiful country.

    1. This may seem irrelevant but the Liberal name is still the same. This is a political mess that is provincial rather than federal but 37 residences were lost to misuse of the Manufactured Home Park rules. There were orders of possession given out to our new landlords by the illegal use of the written laws. About 60 people were made homeless because of broken laws – all broken by our B.C. Liberal Government. Our fight goes on. The Residential Tenancy Branch of B.C. is behind all of our problems.

  3. Liberals need to pull their heads out of turd-o ass and take a good look around and see what he has done to our country. It’s funny he was willing to break the law for SNC then break the laws even more trying to cover up the cover up but we have not heard one word from him about our GM workers .. at least SNC people can go to other companies .. where do the GM workers go.. and look at the chain reaction of businesses that will be closing because GM is no longer here

  4. omg Trudeau is a real coward can’t do one honest thing has to cheat even for that has know faith in his party has to cheat

  5. All Canadians should be VERY CONCERNED about this news!
    Where does the corruption end? People have to show ID to get bloodwork done, for Pete sakes! There must be a way of controlling this! This should not and cannot be allowed in Canada!

  6. Not sure if this is true or fake. I needed my ID to vote in this year’s elections. I wouldn’t put anything pass Mr. Truedope, but this story may need further investigation. It would be great if they had to do another election and get those that didn’t vote, off their proverbial butts and get out and vote.

  7. How many of them had a vote counted. I don’t trust any part of this system. The entire government needs an overhaul from the bottom to the top

  8. This shows why it is absolutely necessary to have a picture ID to vote. The Liberanos are completely corrupt. A good gauge of corruption in government is the leaders closeness to the scum of the earth…George Soros. You know the guy Trudeau entrusted with Canada’s immigration policy.

  9. He is a traitor to our country, and in some countries traitors are either thrown into jail for life or they are put to death! How can canada even allow an idiot like him to even think to let him run this country! He has made the name of Canada a disgrace, and he will and has made our beautiful country a laughing stock! He needs to be put away and get us a leader that is proud to be a canadian!

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