10-Year Old Child MUST REMOVE Canadian Flag Art Piece From Front Lawn Says Government

Within Canada’s  inverted existence as a self-hating Trudeau nation-state, the reality of society is that:

While a 10-year old child is censored for an art piece depicting a Canadian flag by local government, city councillors went ahead and APPROVED Ramadan public broadcasts in Ottawa, Calgary, Halifax, Mississauga as well as many other Canadian cities and towns.

Link To Video Report

3 thoughts on “10-Year Old Child MUST REMOVE Canadian Flag Art Piece From Front Lawn Says Government

  1. That is very ignorant of all these UNCanadian “patriots”. They should have their Canadian privaleges revoked!!! Let the girl show her patriotism and the governments and police agencies should be reprimanded for such UNCanadian acts. If they HATE Canada and our flag this much then go somewhere else. We don’t need these kind of people here. Enough is enough!!!! I am a CANADIAN PATRIOT!!!

  2. Thank you for posting this story Brad. This just shows how ignorant and leftist this country is becoming. We have to start weeding this out of our society right now, starting at the TOP with justin trudeau and his cabal of liberal MP’s. and government.

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